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9 SEP-OCT 14 / CINEMONTAGE ALL YOUR PRODUCTION NEEDS ON ONE LOT WWW.SONYPICTURESSTUDIOS.COM S O N Y P I C T U R E S STUDIOS OFFICE SPACE STAGES PROPS WARDROBE LIGHTING TRANSPORTATION DAILIES DAILIES VFX AVIDS EDITORIAL STOCK FOOTAGE SOUND COLOR MASTERING MASTERING the show to approach the executive producers as a group to ask for help; sometimes that can accomplish things. As always, you can contact a Guild Field Representative, your Board of Directors representative or someone at the Guild office about your specific concerns. There was much interest at the session in having more surveys to gather empirical data about what is truly going on in the workplace. As with our television survey, more in-depth and detailed discussions can help develop more solutions to problems that have been identified through these surveys. In addition to surveys, members are encouraged to start logging the work they are doing; this information is important to have ready when you are asked about the hourly breakdown of your day (two hours doing sound, three hours doing music, one hour comping visual effects, etc.). As Guild members, we should not be hesitant to talk to each other about what's going on in our cutting rooms. If it's happening in one, more than likely it's happening in others. An idea was suggested that members reach out to other members via phone banking to keep this conversation going, or to start the conversation with those who are unaware of the issues. It's important to know we are all part of this Guild. Though we work in small groups in separate places, standing up together is vitally important for change in the future. Join the majority in saying what is reasonable for our workflow. Get other members on board. There is power in solidarity. With all of us, things can change and give us the quality of life we expect. What are your thoughts on some of these solutions suggested by your fellow members? Perhaps there are solutions of your own you would like to share. We would love to hear from you. Visit the I AM THE UNION Facebook page ( to get involved and contribute to our membership's ideas. Comment, add or disagree. All opinions are valued. Do you have an idea for the Membership Outreach Committee? Please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps assisting you in how to make a difference. f We should not be hesitant to talk about what's going on in our cutting rooms.

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