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Page 20 of 51 19 POST AUGUST 2014 Short fi lms with inspired soundtracks. BY MARC LOFTUS & LINDA ROMANELLO MUSIC VIDEOS he value of music videos can not be understated. Many artists use them to promote new or upcoming releases, to shape their image, and to feed a hungry fan base's unending desire for new content. Lesser-known acts can also use the format to get in front of a potentially global online audience. Post has long heard pros comment that there's no money in the music video business, but that they take on the work for creative opportunities and the prestige of adding a well-known artists' work to their show reel. This month, we caught up with a number of facilities that are working on music videos — live action, VFX-heavy, dramatically-driven, or entirely animated. The styles of the artists varies considerably, as does the list of services studios provide. All of the videos mentioned here are available for viewing on the Post Website (, along with bonus content from additional studios that are posting music videos. FINISHING SPRINGSTEEN'S HUNTER SHORT Final post production for Hunter of Invisible Game, the new short fi lm from Bruce Springsteen and Thom Zimny, was completed at The Room, the fi nish- ing boutique located within Technicol- or-PostWorks New York ( The Room's Ben Murray conformed the fi lm and applied the fi nal color grade, working in collaboration with fi lmmaker Thom Zimny, who co-di- rected with Springsteen. Hunter of Invisible Game, which recently debuted on Springsteen's Web- site, is based on an extended version of a song from the album High Hopes and was created as a gift for his fans. Springsteen also stars in the fi lm, an impressionistic story of a lone traveler making his way through a post-apoca- lyptic wasteland. Zimny and Springsteen shot the video with an Arri Alexa in Log C mode in full HD [1920x1080] on Pro Res 4444 format in northern New Jersey, including on the grounds of an abandoned World War II-era military base. The imagery throughout has a cin- ematic quality, the lighting is soft and subdued, and the editorial rhythm is graceful and deliberate. The poetic qual- ity of the visuals was further enhanced during grading sessions at The Room. T PHOTO: JO LOPEZ The Room recently completed post work for Bruce Springsteen's short fi lm, Hunter of Invisible Game.

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