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GADD’S SIXPACK WHETHER IT’S A OR A TAILGATE PARTY, CHILL ON SEASONAL OUTINGS WITH THESE SUMMER ALES Picnic Picks by David Gadd Alaskan Summer Kölsch-Style Ale Kölsch, from Köln (Cologne in English), is a unique German hybrid-style beer that’s fermented as an ale but then matured by cold-lagering. The name Kölch is protected in Europe, but not in the maverick wilds of Alaska. This Juneau-brewed version’s brilliant Rapunzel-hair-yellow tint leads to soft, rounded, balanced flavors. Probably the most “polite” beer that Alaskan’s woolly brew- team knows how to brew. Brooklyn Summer Ale As refreshing as an hijacked fire plug, this made-in-New York brew is crafted for swelter- ing East Coast summers, but it tastes mighty fine on the “dry heat” Left Coast as well. The finely-beaded but aggressive effervescence shuts out thirst like the Mets shutting out the Phillies. Summer comes but once a year: Drink up. Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale Hops are the name of the game in this stunning West Coast seasonal—if you don’t like ‘em, you need not apply. Like the love-child of an IPA and a pale ale conceived at dusk in a hemp field, the stuff reeks of hops the way a Portland stoner reeks of sticky bud. Hop on board for a wild, weedy ride to a summer sundown. Newcastle Summer Ale Brewed in honor of The Hoppings, a traveling fair (named for the plant, one must suppose) that’s held on the Newcastle Town Moor every June. Fresh, clean, high-toned flavors with a judicious dose of hops and a citrusy zing. See the story opposite for other beers in Newcastle’s new Limited Edition series. HEINEKEN USA Narragansett Summer Ale I’ve learned—but only recently—never to turn down a ‘Gansett beer. This seasonal offering is fragrantly fruity, with citrus and precise white peach and pear tones. It sports an almost chewy mouthfeel with peppery notes that almost induce sneezes and ends with a finish as taught as a wind-filled jib. Another absolute winner from Providence, RI. Sam Adams Summer Ale The billowy head is as majestic as a mountain snowcap viewed from a distance on a clear June day. Orangey-tangerine notes on both the nostrils and the tongue, and just enough wet-Labrabor flavors to make me want to cuddle up to this brew like a puppy. This impressive effort finishes with a distinctive touch of white pepper. I could—and will—drink a lot of this stuff this season. BOSTON BEER COMPANY 74 / the tasting panel / june 201 1 DÉ JE UNER S UR L ’HERBE

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