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May 2011

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SPEED TASTING REPORT THE BRAND: CAmPO DE ENCANTO PISCO Campo de Encanto Pisco is distilled only once from three grape varieties (Quebranta, Italia and Torontel) sourced from old-vine sites in Peru’s Ica Valley that are dry-farmed. The result is fruit with amazing expression. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ CUSCO MULE inspired by the Moscow Mule 2 oz. Campo de Encanto Pisco 1-½ oz. Funkin Mango purée ¾ oz. fresh sour made from lemon and Key lime Splash of ginger beer ¼ oz. agave nectar Our Panel Votes: The revival of a cutting-edge product—pisco—makes for a fresh approach to this fresh tasting cocktail. —Kent Bearden The Key lime and lemon explode and blend per- fectly with the high quality Pisco. —Gregory Nasser A refreshing thirst-quencher with clean flavors and a pleasant sweetness from the mango. —Steven Izzo Andy Blue’s score: 93. Smooth, spritzy and ripe with fleshy pisco undertones. Fool’s Gold Terroir Marketers Jennifer Ackrill, Bar Manager at Rye in San Francisco, adds a spicy note to her fruit-driven drink. THE BRAND: CHOPIN RyE VODkA The brand’s red labeled rye expression—a single- ingredient luxury vodka like Chopin’s original potato version—made its debut this spring. A STITCH IN THYME inspired by The Gimlet 1½ oz. Chopin Rye ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ¾ oz. thyme and black peppercorn syrup ¾ oz. Funkin Blueberry purée ½ oz. fresh lime strained through a blood orange peel Serve in a coupe. Our Panel Votes: The blueberry purée really came through! —Steven Izzo Lovely. Color is sexy, great balance and subtle flavors. The Chopin Rye supports the other flavors, yet the base spirit can still be identified. —Tony Abou-Ganim The herbaceous quality of the thyme balances the sweetness of the blueberry and the wonderful creamy mouthfeel of the rye vodka. —Amanda Womack Duggan McDonnel is a San Francisco bartender who is also co-owner of the handcrafted Campo de Encanto. He named his drink after the most impor- tant tourist destination in Peru, the city of Cusco. 98 / the tasting panel / may 201 1 Andy Blue’s score: 93. A seamless and well-con- ceived cocktail with hearty pepper notes and good depth. Chopin Imports Ltd.

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