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May 2011

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American Wave Yankee ingenuity is not lost on gin, as these complex red-white-and-blue entries from both the Right and Left Coasts prove. THE GIN THE GIST Handcrafted in Philadelphia, organic Bluecoat American dry gin is pot distilled from rye, wheat, barley and corn. The resulting spirit is infused with juniper, sweet orange peels and fresh citrus. In a break from style, the fruit notes and fl avors take center stage. Small-batch Cold River is made in Freeport, Maine from locally sourced potatoes and spring water from an underground aquifer. It has an oily textured body and balanced palate with juniper in the lead and zesty citrus and cardamom spice on the fi nish. Produced at a small distillery in Spokane, Washington, Dry Fly is a refreshing break from tradition. Its innova- tive recipe calls for such botanicals as lavender, mint, hops and dried Fuji apples. Its juniper is dialed back. Distilled in San Francisco, small-batch Junipero is infused with a dozen botanicals. The lip-tingling gin is light, spicy and immensely fl avorful. THE STATS ORIGIN: Pennsylvania STRENGTH: 94 proof SRP: $28 SUPPLIER: Philadelphia Distilling ORIGIN: Maine STRENGTH: 94 proof SRP: $25.99 SUPPLIER: Maine Distilleries ORIGIN: Washington State STRENGTH: 80 proof SRP: $29.95 SUPPLIER: Dry Fly Distilling ORIGIN: California STRENGTH: 98.6 proof SRP: $29.99 SUPPLIER: Anchor Brewers & Distillers Certifi ed Classics Eighteenth- century mis- sionary Father Junipero Serra would have loved it. Crafted from Maine potatoes. THINK WHILE YOU DRINK Philly’s historic Liberty Bell. It’s trout season! Our choice for can’t-go-wrong gins with universal appeal and enduring mixability. Class acts for the ages. THE GIN THE GIST One of the venerable, “must have” London dry gins, Bombay is distilled in Carterhead copper pot stills according to the 1761 blend of eight botanicals and aromatics. Satiny, spicy and classically juniper-forward. Produced in Cognac by Gabriel & Andreu, Citadelle Réserve vintage-dated gin is triple-distilled and formulated with a staggering 19 botanicals. The spirit is then aged several months in oak casks. Museum-grade. Landmark Plymouth brand continues to be made where it originated over 200 years ago. The Black Friars Distillery is England’s oldest continuously-operat- ing distillery. Instead of relying on dried botanicals for its character, Tanqueray No. Ten is crafted using only fresh ingredients such as ripe grapefruits, oranges and limes. THE STATS ORIGIN: England STRENGTH: 80 proof SRP: $19.99 SUPPLIER: Bacardi USA ORIGIN: France STRENGTH: 88 proof SRP: $39.99 SUPPLIER: Cognac Ferrand THINK WHILE YOU DRINK Hoist one to Queen Victoria, Empress of India. Distilled in Charentais stills. ORIGIN: England STRENGTH: 82.4 proof SRP: $26.99 SUPPLIER: Pernod Ricard USA ORIGIN: England STRENGTH: 94.6 proof SRP: $29.99 SUPPLIER: Diageo North America 96 / the tasting panel / may 201 1 Tinged with fresh citrus. A British Navy favorite.

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