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May 2011

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Co-Proprietors of the Commander’s Palace family of restaurants Ti Adelaide Martin & Lally Brennan THE 1 2 3 4 5 LIST Lally Brennan’s Five Pet Peeves The falling dress code. Ridiculous reservation rules: Lighten up and stop making it hard to get a table! Rude waitstaff: The word is “hospitality” after all. People who don’t expect to pay corkage when we offer a list of 2,450 wines. Bars that don’t use fresh ingredients and proper glassware. Lally’s Top Five Faves 1 2 3 4 5 Peychaud Bitters: can’t make a good Sazerac without it. My life’s work: making dining memories for customers. Our amazing Bar Chef, Lu Brow. Traveling and experiencing new cultures, like my recent trip to the unchanged city of Prague. My condo in the beach port of Destin, FL where I go to relax and enjoy the freshest seafood. Ti Adelaide Martin’s Five Pet Peeves Ti Adelaide Martin and her business partner and cousin, Lally Brennan, at the Bar at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. A s co-owners of the most iconic name in New Orleans hos- pitality, Ti Adelaide Martin and her cousin Lally Brennan are behind such high profile restaurants as Commander’s Palace and the Bar at Commander’s Palace, The Swizzle Stick Bar and Café Adelaide, as well as the Patio Bar at Brennan’s of Houston and Bistro Alex in Houston. Since acquiring Commander’s Palace in 1969, the family’s commitment to service, food and cocktails lives on through hard work, talent, entrepreneurship and vision, led by Martin and Brennan. “We’re always customer-focused,” Brennan tells THE TASTING PANEL. “Whether we are in the front of the house ourselves, or being represented through our management and staff, our number-one priority is being gracious hosts.” Their love for food is trumped only by their love and commit- ment to cocktails. Aptly dubbed the “Cocktail Chicks,” Ti Martin and Lally Brennan have molded their bars into some of the greatest in the country, serving Southern-inspired cocktails and always mixing up fresh concoctions. The Swizzle Stick Bar at Café Adelaide, The Bar at Commander’s Palace, and The Courtyard Bar at Brennan’s of Houston each has a unique approach to cocktails—though all three boast the famous 25-cent Martini with lunch—and cater to a diverse clientele while sharing Ti and Lally’s stamp of approval. 130 / the tasting panel / may 201 1 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Those too young or insecure to know it’s an honor to serve people. When a server busses a table before people have finished eating that course. Lazy cooking and cutting corners. Restaurant folk who feel they are doing the customer a favor by taking reservations. Poor tippers. Ti’s Top Five Faves My big wacky family. The joy I receive by being part of the best restaurant in the U.S. New Orleans’s post-Katrina renaissance. Being a part of the cocktail revolution. Raising money and supporting the Girls First organization. Our series continues, thanks to Funkin fresh fruit purées, a brand that supports the integrity of the Food and Beverage people in our industry. Taking Inventory with. . . “ 5 ”

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