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ALTERNATIVE BEVERAGES THE TASTING PANEL CONTINUES ITS QUEST TO BRING YOU THE BEST IN New, Non-Alc and Neat-o by Rachel Burkons Culinary Coffee Wolfgang Puck has built a brand of make- ‘em-at-home gourmet goodies with his name on them, and now, there’s a waistline-friendly coffee lineup he’s thrown into the mix. Wolfgang Puck Iced Coffee is available in four flavors, all of which are low-fat, 120 calories, organic—and, oh yeah, really, really delicious. Cold-brewed to reduce tannins and acidity that is so common in hot-brewed coffee, the WP iced coffees are sweet, smooth and creamy, and we’ll be happy to have them once the thermometer hits 100 degrees and we still need our caffeine fix. Do the Drop Attention bottle-service accounts! Flavor 4 drink and energy drops are here to change the game with a compact, quick and economical way to custom- ize basic cocktails. Available in Citrus, Mandarin, Raspberry, Vanilla and Energy options, consumers can mix-and- match at home, but we think these powerful little guys would be a perfect fit for the bottle-service set, allowing guests to play mixologist on their own. Fun with Foam Doing double duty both in kitchens and behind the bar, new Fomz fruit-infused foam comes in an easy to dispense whipped cream-like canister that’s bound to have pastry chefs and mixologists delighted—and maybe even inspire a dessert-and-cocktail pairing or two. With five low-fat, dairy-free and non-alcoholic foams to choose from, there’s a flavor for every palate, cock- tail or cake. We think the Pineapple Papaya is just peachy on a Margarita, and hope someone delivers us a dessert topped with Wild Berry Fomz sometime soon. Hint hint. Healthy Hydration From the nearly century-old Bolthouse Farms, known primarily for its San Joaquin Valley carrot- growing, new Aura Botanical Waters are a refresh- ing, healthful option to keep you cool and hydrated on those long dog days of summer. With three flavors of water infused with herbs and fruit juice, each 15.2- oz. bottle delivers a full serving of fruit and at least 50% of the daily recommended value for a handful of essential vitamins. If you’re wondering how to get all of that healthy stuff into a cocktail, go ahead and explore; with true-to-fruit flavors like Grapefruit Sage and Cucumber Lemon Rosemary, these products are a mixologist’s dream come true for quick and easy cocktails on the go. Ready to Drink? Yes, Please Finally, because we live in a post- Prohibition world and can’t help but include at least one fun new alcoholic product in this report, we’d like to point your direction to VnC, a new ready-to drink cocktail brand born out of the bril- liant mind of a vodka industry veteran who realized there needed to be an all- natural alternative to the ready-to-drink category. With nine flavors that run the gamut from Passionfruit Caprioska made with New Zealand vodka to a classic Margarita, VnC’s beach-friendly plastic containers and fun, fruit-forward vibe will make any party as easy as one-two-three-pour. may 201 1 / the tasting panel / 105

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