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2 Post • May 2014 editor's note By MARC LOFTUS Senior editor/ director of Web content See uS on E D I T O R I A L MARc LOfTus Senior Editor/Director of Web Content (516) 376-1087 LINDA ROMANELLO Managing Editor (516) 931-0730 chRIsTINE BuNIsh Film& Video IAIN BLAIR Film JENNIfER WALDEN Audio BARRY GOch West Coast Blogger/Reporter MIchAEL VIGGIANO Art Director A D V E R T I s I N G MARI KOhN Director of Sales (818) 291-1153 cell: (818) 472-1491 GARY RhODEs Eastern & Intl Sales Manager (631) 274-9530 cell (516)410-8638 LIsA BLAcK Corporate Sales Executive, Events, Custom and Integrated Print/Publishing Services (818) 660-5828 suBscRIPTIONs (818) 291-1158 cusTOMER sERVIcE 620 West Elk Ave, Glendale, CA 91204 (800) 280 6446 DALE EscEN Account Manager 818-291-1122 REPRINTs Reprints (781) 255-0625 • (818) 291-1153 LA sALEs OffIcE: 620 West Elk Avenue, Glendale, California 91204 (800) 280-6446 WILLIAM R. RITTWAGE President / CEO New additions and initiatives 4K in full gear T his issue wrapped up following several busy weeks for the Post staff, including time spent in Las Vegas for the annual NAB show. Luckily, we were able to cover lots of new product announcements thanks to the repor ting of Linda Romanello, who recently joined Post as our new Managing Editor. It's great to have Linda on board. She jumped right in, interviewing many industry pros on-cam- era for Post TV at NAB, and writing news for post Collectively, her and I shot over two hours of interviews at the show with all the top manufacturers in the post business. We also sur- veyed our studio contingent to come up with our annual "Post Picks," which highlight the top product and technology announcements made at the show. You'll find complete details on page 4, and you can turn to our "Products" section on page 42 for additional NAB coverage, as well as on our Website. With this issue, we are also launching a new column that we hope to publish regularly in the months ahead. "Primetime" will focus on top televi- sion shows, and their production, editing, and spe- cial effects challenges. This month we connect with Refuge VFX and Animation in Portland, OR, which handles many of the key character visuals that help tell the story in the popular NBC series Grimm. Turn to page 16 for this inaugural installment of "Primetime" and look for others throughout 2014. I also want to call your attention to our "Green Practices" feature on page 36. Post spoke with a number of studios and manufacturers about their green initiatives and we're pleased to repor t on some innovative practices that are lightening these companies' environmental impact. There are some cool ideas in effect that are easy to implement. And of course we have "Reviews" in this issue, including Gary Adcock's evaluation of a brand-new, eight-core Apple Mac Pro (page 48). It's unlike any Mac that you may have used in the past, he notes. There's a lot to take in, so enjoy the issue, visit our Website for exclusive content, and see you again back here next month! A nyone who attended this year's national Association of Broadcasters convention could not have missed the almost total domi- nance of 4K on the show floor. Manufacturers across all areas of the industry — from acqui- sition and editing to display and storage — introduced all sorts of solutions that included cameras, lenses, workflow systems, displays and more to stake their 4K claims. understandably, there is some skepticism. As an industry, we've been discussing 4K for years. But this year's nAB showed that we may finally be making some serious inroads into the 4K market. Blackmagic Design, for instance, generated lots of buzz with its new ursa digital 4K film camera. AJA Video Systems, too, introduced its new CIon, a new production camera that's capable of shooting at 4K/ultraHD and 2K/HD resolutions. You'll find both products included in our "Post Picks" coverage, on page 4. other companies demonstrated 4K workflow solutions, such as Rohde & Schwarz DV, with its new SpycerBox Cell scalable storage solution that delivers data rates for all uncompressed and compressed formats, including 4K. Late last year, Canon made its entry into post with its brand new DP-V3010 4K reference display and also introduced its Cine-Servo 4K lens at this year's show. We caught up with a few industry pros at nAB, including Heath Firestone, president of Firestone Productions, who says, "Definitely this year, there's a focus on 4K. everybody talk- ed about it last year and showed some prod- ucts. now, everybody's actually using it and the products have matured. It's nice to see." "4K certainly gives you an extremely crisp, high-resolution picture that looks gorgeous on big screens," adds Dave Walton, assistant VP of marketing and communications, JVC. "But the question is, who has or will have a screen that's big enough, or be able to or willing to pay for that extra detail on those screens? That's the big question the consumer side has to wrestle with. on the pro side, we already know all the advantages of shooting in 4K." I also wanted to mention that having worked in the industry for more than 17 years, how honored I am to join the team of Post. The publication has always had a stellar reputation and I am thrilled to be able to help take it even further. Already, we are increasing our TV coverage by premiering our new "Primetime" column on page 16. In an industry that's ever changing, I look ahead and am excited to see where we can grow together. By LindA ROMAneLLO MAnAGinG editor P O S T S C R I P T Post Magazine is published by Post, LLC, a COP communications company. Post does not verify any claims or other information appearing in any of the advertisements contained in the publication, and cannot take any responsibility for any losses or other damages incurred by readers in reliance on such content. Post cannot be held responsible for the safekeeping or return of unsolicited articles, manuscripts, photographs, illustrations or other materials. Subscriptions: Address all subscription correspondence to Post Magazine, 620 West Elk Ave, Glendale, CA 91204. Subscribers may also contact customer service at 818-291-1158, or send an email to For change of address please include the old and new address information, and if possible, include an address label from a recent issue. Subscriptions are available free to qualified individuals within the United States. Non-qualified 1 year rates: USA $63.00. Canada & Mexico $94.00. 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