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39 MAY-JUN 14 / CINEMONTAGE The Studios at Paramount, Hollywood, CA June 5-8, 2014 Expo & Conference Exhibits, Premiere & Master Classes Seminars, Film Competition 2014 CineGear_CineMontage.indd 1 1/31/14 10:01 AM by Mel Lambert W ith the ubiquitous digital audio workstation (DAW) now a key creative tool for not only sound designers and supervising sound editors, but also re-recording mixers, the choice of plug-ins can make the difference between an average clip and a truly attention-grabbing track. To find out more about current choices in the post sound community, CineMontage contacted a number of successful editors and mixers to determine their top five favorite plug-ins, and how they use them on film and TV projects. We also asked what plug-ins they would like to see developed for the post market, as well as the kinds of end-user features that aren't currently available (see accompanying sidebar). In this issue, we report the responses from sound editors, sound designers and supervising sound editors; a subsequent edition will focus on plug-in choices from re-recording mixers. Sound designer/supervising sound editor Julian Slater (The World's End, Dark Shadows, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) with Formosa Group lists Serato Pitch 'n Time Pro, SoundToys Crystallizer, Glitchmachines Polygon Sampler, FabFilter Pro-Q Equalizer and Waves LoAir LFE generator for Avid Pro Tools. "Pitch 'n Time plug-in does a great job, with few artifacts — unless you really push it, which is sometimes good for funky sounds!" he says. "You can also draw a graphic curve within the plug-in and assign either pitch or speed, or both. Crystallizer is probably my first port of call when I have a base sound that I want to start mangling to get what I want. "I use Pro-Q Equalizer all the time, instead of the standard Avid EQ that comes with Pro Tools," he continues. "The GUI is very user-friendly; it gives Plugged-In for Sound Recommended DAW Add-Ons for Designers and Editors iZotope RX3 Declick. Audio Ease Altiverb. Avid Artists Series Control. CineMontage_May-Jun_14-3.indd 39 4/15/14 2:55 PM

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