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April 2011

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April 2011 • Vol. 34 • Number 3 Innovations in visual computing for D C C professionals Features COVER STORY 10 18 Stepping Out 10For its latest 3D animated fi lm, Blue Sky Studios created a bird’s-eye view of Rio, but fi rst the artists had to overcome technical challenges for its cast of fi ne feathered friends. Universal Appeal 18 After years of waiting and speculation, 3D on the Web is going mainstream, Easter Funny thanks to a big push from the Khronos Group and its WebGL spec. 22 Rhythm & Hues delivers a basket of surprises in Ice-capade starring both real actors and CG characters. 22 26 Departments Editor’s Note Business of VFX & Gaming 2Everyone likes to watch movies and play video games, but creating the Spotlight 4 Products Autodesk’s 2012 Entertainment Creation Suites. Intel’s second-generation Core processors. Image Metrics’ FaceWare 3.0. V5 converters. News Khronos readies fi nal WebGL 1.0 spec. Special names its best of show from GDC 2011. Viewpoint 8 Creative Freedom: Defi ning Workfl ow for 3D CGI. xxxxxxxxxxxx Review 44 OC Entertainment’s FaceFX Studio 2010. Back Products xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx x 47 Recent hardware and software releases. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x effects and graphics in big-budget productions is leaving some studios on the brink of bankruptcy. Okino’s Also: Well Connected Monster Movie Common Ties 30 34 40 Use a Web-enabled smartphone to access the stories tagged with QR codes in this issue. If your phone does not have the required software, download a reader free of charge at SEE IT IN • How post studios have had to evolve in order to survive. • Big audio takes over the small screen • Visual effects series range from the over the top to the mundane. ON THE COVER as a rare bird named Blu and his feathered and furred pals have the adventure of a lifetime during colorful Carnival. See pg. 10. April 2011 The feathers (and fur) fl y in Blue Sky Studios’ latest animated feature, 1 , a live-action fi lm 26 Vicon House of Moves uses the Epic Unreal game engine to bring 30 new superheroes—each representing an NHL franchise—to animated life for Stan Lee’s The Guardian Project. By By By . Rio, By Barbara Rober tson Kathleen Maher Barbara Rober tson Karen Moltenbrey Hop CGW

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