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48  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2014 It's Brine Time! From garnishes to plated condiments to downright snacks, pickled products are in the mid of a gourmet renaiance. Marketplace, ever the adventuresome garonomer, has tackled this briny category to bring you a roundup of our favorites— from spicy dis to swt bts! by Rachel Burkons Caed in Cali With a philosophy that "pickles ain't just for sandwiches," Pernicious Pickling was launched in late 2013 to bring local, hand- crafted pickles to Southern California. A mere handful of months later, and this pickler is up and running thanks to delicious offerings like Sweet Hurry Curry pickled cauliflower, Sweet 'n Sour pickled onions and some habanero- seasoned Extra Spicy pickles that really pack a punch. Our favorite of the batch, however, has to be the Bread and Butter, which defy the typically super sweet flavor thanks to a kiss of mustard. Artisan A the Way With a name like Epic Pickles it's safe to say that founder/pickler Rob Seufert is confident in his dills , but he really makes a statement with unusual products like pickled asparagus and an outrageously good pickle salsa that you'll want to slather on every from burg- ers to burritos. Epic also makes a Picklexir Spicy Brine that's a dream come true for bartenders looking for a gourmet addition to Bloody Marys and Picklebacks, so we say this—bring on the brine! Brined in Brklyn For those readers who prefer BK to SoCal, fear not: Brooklyn Brine means serious pickle business. With insanely awesome flavors ranging from Spicy Maple Bourbon to Whiskey Sour, to Hop-Pickle, made with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, these folks know their way around a cucumber. But other veggies get into the game here too, like super-flavorful Chipotle Carrots and Moroccan Green Beans, proving that Brooklyn's bringing its A-game. And if you're in the neighborhood? Be sure to check out their pickle and brew eatery, the Pickle Shack. Grandma's Recipe Bringing a little girl-power to this brine bunch is Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles, a line created by Lynnae Schneller, who joined forced with her sister-in-law, Aly Cullinane, to bring Great Grandma Toot's recipe back to life. Toot lives on as Mrs. Pickles, a classic sweet-meets-sour that retains really nice crunchiness, and things get kicked up a notch with the Hot Mamma, made with a spicy jalapeño. We think Toot would be proud! TP0514_034-71.indd 48 4/24/14 11:03 PM

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