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1 10  /  the tasting panel  /  may 2014 by Emily Coleman / photos by Cal Bingham S ince new hotspots in Los Angeles pop up faster than you can say Genghis Kahn, Soyombo Vodka thought it wise to retrace its steps to explore even more of L.A.'s most forward-thinking mixology institutions. Distilled in small batches at the site of the last Emperor's Palace, the finest ingredients that Magnolia has to offer come together to produce this full-bodied vodka with hints of bread and chocolate. Along the journey through La-La-Land, this exquisite spirit, which has been a staple in Mongolia for over 90 years, will show off its diversity by starring in cocktails across the city. Alright Mr. Ray, it's ready for its close-up! Measure Once, Conquer Twice Meet Billy Ray (No, Not Cyrus) A true nomad himself (he has a traveling mixology toolbox to prove it), Billy Ray grew up in Europe and has lived all over the world. He made a point to learn from the bartenders and mixologists that he encountered along the way. After working and launching establishments for others, Billy decided to create 13 Stitches, a Bar Consulting, Programming and Special Events company in Los Angeles. Most recently, he opened EightyTwo, a 21+ clas- sic arcade in Downtown Los Angeles, which he still manages. Although he excels at developing inven- tive drinks, Billy is a big believer in vintage cocktails, which is one of the reasons he holds Soyombo in such high esteem. "It is a neutral, clean spirit that lays way to be the base spirit, but it isn't masked by the ingredients," he explains. "So it works well with modern mixology as well as holding up classics like the Moscow Mule." Nic's Beverly Hills created Conqueror's Gold for the Soyombo Vodka nomadic tour. SOYOMBO VODKA RETURNS TO THE CITY OF ANGELS Billy Ray, the Los Angeles Nomadic Ambassador for Soyombo Vodka, and his traveling toolbox. TP0514_102-116.indd 110 4/24/14 11:04 PM

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