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Dot Hill Ultra48 AssuredSAN TM Storage Array Introducing the only storage array with 48 drives in a 2-rackunit space. The AssuredSAN Ultra48 High-Density storage arrays provide Wicked Fast performance in a smaller footprint, delivering on speed, energy savings, ease-of-maintenance, ease-of-use, and proven high availability. Twice the Capacity Twice the Performance Half the Space The ideal data storage solution for the M&E post production workflows! For product details, pricing, and assistance contact ALT Systems at 818-504-6800 or visit at their business plan; look at where they are expecting the company to go; and what its growth looks like. Every firm can assess the existing technology infrastructure, un- derstand current workflow bottlenecks and problems, and their personnel constraints based on technology. There's a consulting opportunity to wrap that all that together into a technology plan for the organization that will support them into their next stages of growth. The plan pulls all these pieces together for reviewing the ROI for shared stor- age and other technology improvements. What do you see coming next in shared storage develop- ment? I think we are at the infancy of truly integrated workflows. I think that's the panacea for organizations; real manage- ment control over the workflow process. What I mean by that is a fully-integrated pipeline, from acquisition of con- tent through editing, transcoding, delivery, and doing that in a way where metrics are managed. We can see what's in a pipeline, when it's going to move from stage to stage, and when it's going to go out the other side. Then we can start running our creative businesses as more finely tuned oper- ations, instead of by, "It will get done, when we get it done." That is where we're headed, and creative companies will get pressure from their competitors as organizations start adopting more of a process-oriented, or business-oriented methodology to create content. How have these market trends affected ProMax's product development? With ProMax's Platform Series, we're addressing the need for more storage space and more functionality. Our servers easily expand up to Petabytes — they're very scalable, and they're some of the fastest shared storage systems in terms of bandwidth throughput on the market. They integrate and connect various pieces of existing legacy technology together so you don't lose your existing technology invest- ments while you continue to march forward toward new requirements. They create an IT technology foundation be- cause of the operating systems they're based on. With Plat- form, you can integrate the creative side of your company with the IT side, removing the division so CTOs can run a holistic operation. Finally, we've designed our servers to do more than just shared storage. ProMax Platform servers op- erate as workflow integrators with ingest, transcoding, ren- dering, asset management, archiving and all of the pieces that create this kind of integrated workflow that companies will want to adopt. Shared Storage Trends

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