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10 • Storage Solutions • March 2014 STORAGE SOLUTIONS Dot Hill Ultra48 AssuredSAN TM Storage Array Introducing the only storage array with 48 drives in a 2-rackunit space. The AssuredSAN Ultra48 High-Density storage arrays provide Wicked Fast performance in a smaller footprint, delivering on speed, energy savings, ease-of-maintenance, ease-of-use, and proven high availability. Twice the Capacity Twice the Performance Half the Space The ideal data storage solution for the M&E post production workflows! For product details, pricing, and assistance contact ALT Systems at 818-504-6800 or visit S ince acquiring ProMAX Systems in 2008, I've worked to dramatically expanded the company's product devel- opment and manufacturing operations by breaking into new areas of industry leadership and by building in- novative and powerful systems to meet the performance needs of collaborative media creation and demanding post production processes. Here, I'd like to answer some questions and share my perspective on the dynamically-changing landscape of "shared storage." What are the issues driving shared storage trends? The rapid growth of storage space requirements are being fed by more and more content creation in 2K and 4K, and the reality that most companies don't have an ar- chiving plan. As businesses, we keep everything because we are scared to delete anything. We fear that the one thing we delete we will end up needing next week. An- other aspect of these higher end storage needs are that with 2K and 4K come higher storage speed and bandwidth requirements to be able to edit and work with that mate- rial efficiently. It's true for every company out there. What are the most common challenges for companies deal- ing with shared storage tech- nologies? Shared storage is not new. In video, in Hollywood, or in the world; most middle to larg- er-sized organizations already have shared storage in place. You go into these companies and they have every flavor of technology that's existed in the last 10 to 15 years. They've got a little bit of everything, it's all over the place, and it's all running. The challenge is how to create a seamless infra- structure and connectivity among all of your technology? How do you keep up with your content growth require- ments and still do it on an ROI that makes sense? How are advancements in shared storage impacting work- flows? We need to be able to use our technology investment to the fullest extent possible. That means shared storage serv- ers can't be just storage servers anymore. There's too much opportunity to use those systems to do other things; to be connected into the entire environment through a unifying, permission-control structure. The processors on the stor- age system should also be used to manage asset databases, to transform content through render- ing, and transcoding to other formats to improve the workflow process. I think these are the trends and the opportunities that will impact workflow. What are the most important aspects to evaluate when considering shared storage? Selecting shared storage always comes to evaluating each company's specific work- flow and requirements. But the process to go through is universal. I see it as a business/tech- nology conversation. Companies should look promax's products are scalable. the also integrate with legacy technology. By Jess Hartmann CEO ProMax Systems Santa Ana, CA Shared Storage Trends Post Positions

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