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March 2011

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■ ■ ■ ■ CG Character Cry Wolf In this modern fairy tale, a CG werewolf stalks Red Riding Hood by night, but during the day, pretends to be a friend-or, maybe, family By Barbara Robertson T e visual eff ects shots in Red Riding Hood’s modern retelling of the classic fairy tale total only approximately 230, but they include the pivotal character, the werewolf, and the medieval setting in which the wolf and Red live. Catherine Hardwicke directed the Warner Bros’ romantic thriller that stars Amanda Seyfried as the red-hooded Val- erie, Gary Oldman as the werewolf hunter Father Solomon, and Julie Christie as Red’s grandmother. Jeff rey A. Okun supervised the visual eff ects work, which included 79 shots of the always CG werewolf created at Rhythm & Hues, and a 3D village and set extensions by Zoic Studios, with Soho VFX han- dling everything else. In addition, Paul Bolger at COS FX, hired to do temp work, eventually took on fi nal shots. “His work was so good, we asked him to output at 2k,” Okun says. “He added debris to a shot in which someone fl ies through a bookshelf, made an ax fl y through the air, did the eye-changing shots on the character that turns into the wolf, and others.” 32 March 2011

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