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March 2014

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Flavor TODAY'S ADVENTURESOME FLAVORED SPIRITS SATISFY EVERY PALATE— AND KEEP CONSUMERS WANTING MORE Innovations O ne of the keys behind making great drinks is the concept of sessionability, a term used to describe a cocktail that guests can enjoy throughout an evening without it becoming tiresome, overbearing or otherwise unsatisfactory. Ultimately it refers to a cocktail sufficiently engaging to keep guests interested in wanting another. Creating a sessionable drink is more challenging than it may seem. Cocktails lacking character and dimension are a bore and guaranteed to send people packing. On the other hand, cocktails with excessive amounts of flavor will quickly overwhelm the palate and rankle the sen- sibilities like an accordion. Achieving balance between characteristics such as tart, sweet and savory is the primary mission and a mixologist's stock and trade. by Robert Plotkin

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