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n n n n Gaming Ubisoft continues to raise the bar with its latest Assassin’s Creed title 40 By Karen Moltenbrey January/February 2011 In 2007, Ubisoft Montreal transported game players to Jerusalem, dur- ing the time of the Crusades, in its megahit Assassin’s Creed, as present-day Desmond Miles relives the plight of his ancestor, the assassin Altair. Two years later, the team re-created history once again in Assassin’s Creed II by re- introducing fans to the plight of another an- cestor, Ezio, as he helps do-good assassins in Florence, Italy, during the Renaissance. Most recently, the Ubisoft developers continued that adventure with Assassin’s Creed: Brother- hood, a direct sequel to the studio’s second game that places Ezio in ancient Rome during the Middle Ages. In Brotherhood, Ezio fights to stop the op- pression of the Roman people by the evil Bor- gia family. Players will have to rebuild the five districts of Rome, win over the public, and re- cruit new assassins to fight the Templar so the Renaissance can begin. With this successful franchise, history does repeat itself—in more ways than one. In all three titles, the artists were tasked with

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