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January/February 2014

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STORAGE 42 ■ CGW Ja n u a r y / Fe b ru a r y 2 014 ■ ELEMENT X CREATIVE, which uses Isilon storage, worked on this TV spot for Leap Frog. hat is the best kind of storage? The kind you don't have to worry about. Across the board, that is the consensus from visual ef- fects pros. With 2k, 4k, and stereo projects coming into studios, storage is more important than ever, and having a system that is fast, flexible, and able to grow with artists' needs certainly hits home. Also important? Not needing a small electrical plant to power the system or having to break the bank to keep things cool. Element X Dallas-based Element X Creative ( is a 25-person, full-service visual effects, motion design, and animation studio targeting com- mercial, television, and film work. Recently the studio began creating its own animated properties. "We focus on design and storytelling, while investing heavily in our staff," explains Element X CEO/partner Chad Briggs, who believes in not getting too big and, instead, relying on a manageable core staff. Briggs feels that not being tied to only one aspect of the work has given Element X Creative (EXC) what he calls a leg up. "I've never been a snob to one medium; I love visual storytelling of all kinds," he says. "Our guys tend to cross-pollinate between visual effects, animation, and graphics. And it's that cross-pollination that drives the design because we are not limited in how we think about a project – we can approach it from the best angle to tell the story." All of that couldn't be accomplished without having a deep, fast, and expandable storage platform. "Storage is the lifeblood," maintains Briggs. "You have to have enough, and you always need more, especially these days with 2 k, 4k, and 4k stereoscopic. The demands of production on the visual effects side of things continue to get more extreme." Storage Space When it comes to visual effects, studios can never have enough By Randi Altman

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