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February/March 2014

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DREAMHEALER DR. ADAM MCLEOD N.D. Los Angeles, April 5th Integrative Healing Workshop Experience self-empowerment at Adam Dreamhealer's one day event where he performs two group healings and gives every participant the tools to powerfully innluence their own health. . Over the last 10 years Adam has been credited with hundreds of healings from those who have read his books and attended his workshops. Register at: www.dreamhealer.com "I attended your last workshop. I had been suffering from burn-out for the past year. The day after the workshop, I didn't need to lie down anymore and I still don't two months later. All my energy is back! I feel like my real self for the irst time in a year. Yay!"-S.P. our in box LETTERS Long-term Love I have been reading Whole Life Times since it fi rst was published how ever many moons ago that was. I love it! It is because of your magazine that I learned about toxicity in products all those many years ago. I have a dog-eared list in my wallet from long before they were buzzwords or mainstream, but I have been using real products and eating real food basically all my life. Your magazine kept me informed on issues that drew my attention, and satisfi ed my natural interests and curiosity. You are an institution for me, just as the Bodhi Tree on Melrose was. I had moved away but I do miss them and am sorry they are gone. As I would miss your magazine immensely, but I would not miss the newspapers since I don't read them now. Keep on doing all the great work and sharing all the wonderful and important things that you do! —Donna Reindorp, via email ADVERTORIAL W hat would sur- face if you were asked to review your life and remember the fi rst time you felt loved? As I sat with this question, I came up against darkness, sadness and fear. My heart sank with the awareness that I had not felt truly loved or safe as a child. Can you relate to the hole that is left in your heart when you grow up feeling this way? I had always been attuned to the energy behind the reality my fam- ily was projecting. To outsiders we were perfect: successful husband, devoted housewife, well-behaved girls. I was aware of what lived be- hind those masks: a workaholic husband with a temper; a resentful housewife and two girls who walked on eggshells—the saint and the black sheep. My fi rst experience of love came when I was a nanny in college. I remember being loved and appreciated by the entire family; even when I made mistakes. They gave me a new example of what "family" meant and it reframed my awareness of love. I've had many opportunities to redefi ne what love is…I've crawled my way out of the hole in my heart with grace and grief. Before my parents passed away, I chose to love them unconditionally as I know they did the best they could. The last time I sat with the question, it provided a sense of peace I've never felt before and a new question arose within me: How can I expect to know love if it was not modeled for me as a child? It is my passion to help us all remember the true love that lives within us. If we all knew this, imagine the kind of reality we could create. Are you ready to break free from your childhood trauma? Are you willing to choose your own version of love? Join me on April 6th for: Redefi ning Love: Releasing the Past and Creating Space for Now. A sacred immersion designed especially for the mind, body and spirit. Patty Alfonso Energy Healing Therapist Access Bars Facilitator Ph: (424) 226-8249 www.LiveYourDreamLifeNow.com What Is Love Anyway? ~ By Patty Alfonso ~ { { february/march 2014 7 WLT-FEB-MAR-1-30.indd 7 1/30/14 1:10 AM

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