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throughout their bodies; that's why they're so vibrant and full of energy." At around age 11, she says, the energy is o en polarized and starts to split into diff erent aspects—head, heart and genitals—and there is a disconnection. "People become unhealthy, stressed or emotionally unavailable because energies are split," she explains. "We try to feel better by doing exercise, dieting, having a lot of sex or taking a drug, but the truth is, it's about connecting all of the energy." To fi nd out the secrets of energetic sexual connection, we interviewed fi ve people who channel sexual energy as part of their professional and/or personal lives. TWO TO TANGO: ALICIA & IAN DENCHASY I t's not o en that people claim their sex life gets better a er they have a child, but that's exactly what happened for Mar Vista residents Alicia and Ian Denchasy, better known online as "Freddy and Eddy." "For two years [a er we had our son], our sex life was really suff ering," shares Ian. at changed a er the couple attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, where an impromptu adventure proved life changing. "Back then, you could get into AVN [an adult entertainment trade show] for free with your CES pass," explains Ian. "We thought, 'Why not?' We concocted a story that we were sex toy reviewers, and they fi lled up our bags." When companies came looking for the promised reviews, the resulting website turned into Freddy and Eddy, a comprehensive couples' resource on all things sex. Traffi c skyrocketed a er a Playboy Advisor mention, and over the website's 13 years, the Denchasys have built a lucrative and rewarding business—starting a podcast, reviewing countless sex toys, and operating stores both online and off (fi rst in Mar Vista for seven years, now at ecookie on Abbot Kinney). ey've also heard it all from the customers and couples who frequent Freddy and Eddy, from testicle stretchers to masturbatory performance art. " ere's nothing we haven't seen or heard, [nothing] that would make us blush," says Alicia. It's been a signifi cant and welcome life change for the once-conservative Denchasys, who formerly held jobs in education and law. "I grew up really conservative— with sexuality and sex, you 'did it' one way," says Alicia. " is opened up a whole [new] energy and opened my mind to say, 'Oh, wow, look at all these possibilities and freedom.' It's great running this business and being able to help people in a way that takes away the taboo." MISS SCARLETT, IN THE BEDROOM F ollowing Amy Priest's journey from a Nevada brothel to strip clubs to the burlesque stage, you probably wouldn't guess that the crimson- haired vixen was raised in a strict Mormon town of 1,000 people. Yet Priest says the neighbors in her small hometown had a surprisingly open-minded "live and let live" philosophy. " ere were two brothels nearby and they shared a parking lot," she says. "I remember trick- or-treating in that lot, and they'd give you a [baggie] full of candy, a dollar in quarters and a soda." Later on when Priest, now known only as "Scarlett Letter," started stripping in college to help pay the bills, the choice didn't seem like a sharp le turn for the girl who'd grown up going to church every Sunday. "As far as moral confl ict, it never occurred to me that it was an issue," she says. She continued stripping a er graduation, but found her true dance calling in 2004. "One of the clubs complained that I was too theatrical, so a friend found me a burlesque class to take," says Letter, who discovered that she delighted in the "art of the tease—the mystery, the reveal." Over the last decade, Scarlett Letter has become one of the premier burlesque personalities in Los Angeles, co-producing the monthly themed Peepshow Burlesque shows at Fais Do Do and performing around town at such venues as Bar Lubitsch (with the Hollywood Jane Revue), e Trip (at TripTease) and Skinny's (with Elixir). She also hosts " e Naked Show," a live nude panel that discusses everything from current events to conspiracy theories; and bartends at topless bar Star Garden in North Hollywood. "Stripping and burlesque have empowered me in 24 wholelifetimesmagazine.com WLT-FEB-MAR-1-30.indd 24 1/30/14 1:10 AM

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