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February/March 2014

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"This mat is like having a relaxing spa treatment at your fingertips all the time." Brookelin Gottlieb • City Yoga Manager, Hollywood Ancient Yogic Remedy for Deeper Relaxation and Meditation A Healing Holiday Gift • Perfect for Everyone! ORDER NOW FOR FREE SHIPPING! www.bedofnails.org • Coupon code: WHOLELIFE BED OF NAILS™ at home acupressure mat triggers your body's innate healing by releasing Oxytocin and Endorphins to naturally relieve pain, enhance relaxation, increase energy and induce a state of well being. one way to make money. Whatever you do or provide should offer multi- ple income opportunities. For exam- ple, if you offer a one-on-one service, why not videotape the service and sell the video to people who cannot come to you physically? Or turn your service into a course and have several step-by-step videos for each step of the curriculum. How about offering your service free to a celebrity in exchange for a celebrity endorsement? The point here is to fi nd multiple ways to benefi t and profi t from one original activity. • Change multi-tasking to multi-benefi ting. If something you touch provides benefi t in only one aspect of your business, del- egate it, outsource it, or fi nd a way to multiply the benefi t. As an example, if you are spending time doing tasks that are below your hourly earning potential, don't do them. Pay someone to do them for you so you can spend your precious hours on tasks that will grow your business. • Push out of your comfort zone. If you're feeling too com- fortable in your business, you're not growing. The trick is to fi nd the sweet spot where you push to the point of exhilaration but not to the point of burn out. The way to do this is to throw yourself out there. Always try new things. Always have a goal just over the rainbow that you want to attain— not too far off but something to work toward. Then take one step at a time to get closer to the target. • Find balance. Keeping yourself physically fi t and healthy, mentally challenged but not overstretched, and spiritually alive is key if you want to survive and thrive. What's important is keep- ing all sides of you well fed and balanced—the physical, spiritual and mental. Defi ciency in any of these areas leads to an unful- fi lled existence. Go forth and do good things for the community—just make sure you do them profi tably so you can multiply the benefi ts you provide and infl uence even more people to do more good work going forward. Cindy Tansin is the author of Lead with Your Heart and the Rest Will Follow. www.cindytansin.com february/march 2014 19 WLT-FEB-MAR-1-30.indd 19 1/30/14 1:10 AM

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