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Bits & Pieces RIGHT NOW Cinesite challenges talent with sci-fi short L ONDON — Cinesite recently completed work on an animated short that shows off its creature skills and the talents of its creative team. The sci-fi themed spot is set on the moon, where international astronauts encounter a large, strong and scary alien creature. The monster chases the astronauts, catching one at a time and pounding them into the moon's dusty surface. One astronaut seems to have escaped by hiding behind a large rock formation. The monster is about to leave, but the astronaut gives himself up when he passes gas, alerting the monster to his presence. The :50 spot closes with a product shot — a fictitious can of Haynes Baked Beans, which are high in fibre, but not a smart diet for astronauts. The project was written and directed by animator Alvise Avati and marks Cinesite's first venture into SPORTS: "The Boston Red Sox. I am a huge sports fan and I don't try to hide it." FILMS: "I have always been passionate about documentaries, going back to when I first saw Hoop Dreams." TV: "Ninety percent of what I watch is Apple TV: Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Frontline, and ESPN's 30 for 30. Also, House of Cards on Netflix." Michael Daniels Head of Post Production Vice Media Group Brooklyn, NY animated shorts. The studio is well known for its feature VFX work, including contributions to World War Z, Skyfall, Iron Man 3 and many others. Recently, Cinesite completed work on 300: Rise of an Empire, Jack Ryan, Into The Storm and The Monuments Men.   Eamonn Butler served as producer on the project, which began in May of 2013 and finished at the end of October. The studio gathered photographic references from various moon missions, and NASA's footage of the moon landing. Richard Clarke served as VFX supervisor. The dust simulations were created using Houdini in a layered approach. Avati sculpted the monster. Two rigs were used for the animation, with Avati working on keyframe animation while Butler simultaneously worked on the muscle rig with the other. Changes were made in tandem, with muscle controls added as required. Man Made Music creates sonic IDs for A&E N EW YORK — A&E Networks tapped Man Made Music (, here, to create a new sonic identity that matches its original content. The network is home to a range of popular shows, including the off-beat Duck Dynasty and the creepy Bates Motel. Man Made Music was challenged with reflecting the magnetism and unexpectedness of the network's programming across its entire family of sonic deliverables. Joel Beckerman and the team created a full-length rock anthem that incorporates some surprising elements, all to support A&E's "Be Original" theme. From the anthem, a sonic logo was also created. The short-form expression of the sonic identity will show up in promotions, on the Web and in programming breaks to help make viewers remember who is bringing them the breakthrough programming. Man Made Music will apply the new sonic identity to promo IDs for all major A&E shows (Bad Ink, Bates Motel, Duck Dynasty, Longmire, and Storage Wars). 6 Post • January 2014

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