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to distribute content, so I feel that bodes well for animation and VFX companies to keep busy." THREATS: "The issue of lengthy payment terms with some large businesses is making ripples in our industry. Corporations from automakers to consumer-packaged goods have put policies into place that can delay payments on projects for sometimes months, and those delays get passed from agencies to production companies. More and more large corporations are following suit, so I don't think this trend will be bucked anytime soon, but at least groups like the AICP are doing their best to hold them at bay." OUTLOOK FOR 2014: "I think we'll see a continuation of the under-one-roof model for studios that offer production and post production; some are even sprouting digital arms and experiential departments. Leviathan was founded out of love for both broadcast and experiential, so we use our concept and design teams for both situations. You have to diversify to stay relevant, but you still need to have core specialties. "Agencies will continue to build their in-house production and post teams. Previously, they seemed to only do production and post for pitches and internal communications only, but some are now being pretty aggressive about what they can do for clients. Conversely, you'll see production and post companies going direct to clients and competing with agencies. I never thought I'd see agencies and independent companies duking it out over accounts, but that's starting to happen, and the results are quite interesting." Bent Image Lab created this animated project for Koodo Mobile. Ray Di Carlo Executive Producer/Co-Owner Bent Image Lab Portland, OR Bent Image Lab is an animation, VFX production company and creative laboratory known for melding art, design and storytelling. Coca-Cola, Nissan, McDonald's, Hallmark Channel, NBC's Grimm, IFC's Portlandia and film directors Todd Haynes and Gus Van Sant are just a few of their highprofile clients. STRENGTHS: "Animation and VFX are immensely popular. They've made huge inroads in the entertainment world and advertising. Films are coming out with more and more intricate VFX, and look at the incredible success of animated features — we haven't seen that kind of box office success in a long time. And I'm sure you'll get more attention with an animated .gif than a live-action .gif on the Internet." WEAKNESSES: "The ability to reach people in more ways also waters down the way people advertise. I think there's as much money available in our business as years past, but it's going to more places — the ad dollar is spread thinner. So sometimes it's hard to deliver work at the level of Super Bowl spots of old, back when whole campaigns and budgets were based solely around TV. "Almost the exact opposite is true for VFX, where dollars are going Post • December 2013 33

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