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Education ist, doing modeling and texturing. At the end of the internship , he was offered a contract as a junior ar tist and is curr ently working on Pirates of the C aribbean: On Stranger Tides as an environment TD. “Being dropped in at the deep end from day one, I was forced to learn a lot very quickly in order to get up to speed, ” explains Mulcaster. “Although slightly o verwhelming, this is the best way to learn. All visual effects studios have their o wn pipeline, and, initially , it was just a case of learning the setup at Cinesite. I had enough skills and knowledge to do the job but no experience of wor king in the film in- dustry within this envir onment. You need to make sure you follow the corr ect procedures and conventions so wor k can flow from one department to another without confusion. You don’t want to aggrav ate someone with silly mistakes, especially when big deadlines are looming.” While Mulcaster’s role hasn’t changed much since being hired full time, he says the learning process never ends. “E very day I am picking up helpful shortcuts to increase my efficiency,” he adds. “E ven the most experienced guys have to keep up with changes in technology and development of new techniques. A good As an intern, Pendulum’s Jason Yacalis began applying his skills, working on the cinematic for the video game TRON: Evolution. example is the demand for ster eoscopic films, which has created a plethora of new challenges for all.” Mulcaster’s schooling made sure he was ex- perienced in having his wor k critiqued, and that helped pr epare him for the pr ocess at Cinesite. “Dailies are a good way to get regu- lar feedback of our wor k,” he says. “I nitially, it’s very daunting, as a number of [people on] The NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Programs in Design and Digital Arts The need for capable designers is expanding as visual and interactive media become more and more pervasive in our lives. Designers who keep their skills aligned with the growing market trends can fi nd opportunities in a you how to most eff ectively integrate your unique vision into all of your professional projects. NYU-SCPS provides professional certifi cates developed to keep you on top of the latest trends and innovations in your fi eld and help you get up to speed quickly, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro. For recent college grad- uates focused on their job search, professional certifi - cates in design and digital arts at NYU-SCPS are an ideal way to complement an undergraduate degree, learn practical skills, and build a portfolio that will impress po- tential employers. NYU-SCPS off ers the following profes- sional certifi cates in design and digital arts: Animation, Digital and Graphic Design, Digital and Graphic Design Production, Digital Imaging and Photography, Interior Design, Product Design, and Web Producing. variety of creative areas, such as animation, print design, Web design, and motion graphics, as well as more tra- ditional disciplines such as product design and interior design. The New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) off ers a range of programs designed to foster your creativity and teach 32 December 2010 NYU-SCPS also off ers noncredit courses for profession- als and beginners in a variety of creative fi elds, includ- ing print/graphic design, motion graphics, Web design, interior design, and product design. Keep pace with the latest trends and newest software or strengthen your de- sign skills while refi ning your unique creative style. 145 Fourth Ave, New York, NY · 10003 For more information about the NYU-SCPS Programs in Design and Digital Arts, please visit www.scps. 212 998-7171 • 800 FIND NYU, ext 65 your team will get to see y our work and cri - tique it, but it’s essential and always construc- tive. You need to be able to take criticism and learn from your mistakes in order to improve your work.” What advice does M ulcaster offer those gearing up for the real world? “Make the most of your tutors when y ou’re at univ ersity/col- lege, or anyone you may know in the indus - Programs Off ered: • M.S. in Digital Imaging and Design • M.A. in Graphic Communications Management and Technology • B.S. in Digital Communications and Media • Certifi cates and non-credit courses in animation, digital and graphic design, interior and product design, web design, fi lm production, and related areas

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