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December 2010 • Vol. 33 • Number 12 Innovations in visual computing for D C C professionals Features COVER STORY Inside Job 61 In 1982, when computers (and computer graphics) were relatively new, By Barbara Robertson 6 puFor a trip back in time, visit as Frank Vitz, who worked on the Going for Gold original TRON effects, discusses that groundbreaking work. 21 Yet again, the year featured a plethora of feature fi lms containing stunning By Debra Kaufman visual effects and rich computer graphics. With the Oscars around the corner, we asked a number of industry experts to comment on which movies hit their mark. Special Education Section 21 Departments Editor’s Note Go Back to the Grid 2’Tis the season for many things, including catching the latest fi lm at What’s a QR code? Find out in this month’s Editor’s Note. Spotlight 4 Products NewTek’s LightWave 10. News The PC graphics chip market is down overall, but Intel’s numbers have soared. Back Products 40 Recent software releases. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x the local theater. One movie that is sure to please is TRON: Legacy, this year’s VFX holiday extravaganza. While you’re at it, There are many other tent-pole movies worth the price of admission. And if you still have time on your hands, check out the year’s top hits on DVD before the Oscars roll around. 31 31 Making it Work Gaining employment today is more diffi cult than ever. Education institutions are teaching students the necessary A, B, Cs, but other factors—such as talent, hard work, and personality—are important factors, too. 36 Web Enabled The Internet has spawned new business models, new ways to communicate, and new ways to learn. Find out how a pair of artists have used the Net to get discovered. CGW Preferred Partner Series Animation Evolution: A Biopic Through the Eyes of Shrek The advances in animation are clearly visible in each subsequent Shrek fi lm, thanks to the increasing talent of the fi lmmakers and advancements in processing power. SEE IT IN • Q&A with Michael Tronick, editor of Green Hornet. • The agency/post house relationship. • Post’s best bets for Oscar. • Trends: VFX for spots. ON THE COVER Digital Domain, recognized for its cutting-edge work in the visual effects industry, once again performed technical magic, re-creating the complex world of TRON—including the iconic Lightcycles—for a new generation. See pg. 6. December 2010 1 audiences were transported into cyberspace, to the world of TRON, by a group of ambitious CG pioneers. Nearly 30 years later, we are taken back there again, but this time that world has changed drastically, thanks to a new generation of CG pioneers.

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