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our in box LETTERS continued from page 7 to get there. But isn't trying to be perfect and hating your body just as extreme as the hCG + detox diet? Can't we find celebration in someone's awareness, regardless of how they stumbled across it? It doesn't matter how we find the road to whole living; it's going to look different for everyone. But when we find it, the choices we make going forward are the ones that count the most. Because we have seen the other side and we choose health. Expo or Sales Pitch I hope you will pass along my comments to the organizers of the LA Green Festival where you will be exhibiting. Although I am very environmentally conscious, embrace solar power and have purchased numerous "green" products, I have a strong policy of not attending any expo that charges me an admission for the dubious privilege of being bombarded with sales pitches from a host of vendors. It feels like a fee for listening to advertisements. —David Chaille, Long Beach Ed. reply: Many people enjoy this festival and are willing to pay the modest entry fee to learn about a multitude of green-lifestyle products. In our experience, most event vendors—at this and other healthy lifestyle events— are of course receptive and welcoming, should you show interest, but don't assault passersby with uninvited information. That being said, these are highenergy events and some may find them overwhelming. Hopefully you'll find our pages a more relaxing place to browse. Long-term Love "I have been reading Whole Life Times since it first was published however many moons ago that was. I love it! It is because of your magazine that I learned about toxicity in products all those many years ago. I have a dogeared list in my wallet from long before they were buzzwords or mainstream, but I have been using real products and eating real food basically all my life. Your magazine kept me informed on issues that drew my attention, and satisfied my natural interests and curiosity. You are an institution for me, just as the Bodhi Tree on Melrose was. I had moved away but I do miss them and am sorry they are gone. As I would miss your magazine immensely, but I would not miss the newspapers since I don't read them now. Keep on doing all the great work and sharing all the wonderful and important things that you do! —Donna Reindorp, L.A. contributors Elyse Glickman I've had a lifelong love affair with food, especially rich things served during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it showed a little too well a few years ago. As I am always interested in finding creative ways to have my cake and eat it too, I was inspired by the new breed of vegetarian and vegan restaurants creating sweets and savories that are also fantastic comfort foods. Mary Budinger It can be quite a challenge for people to believe that the quality of food—beyond taste—is really important. After all, you can have pizza and a soft drink today and don't fall over dead tomorrow. So when I saw what happens when mice eat Bisphenol A (BPA), I knew more people need to see that photo. It's a vivid cause and effect. Meagan McCrary Having the opportunity to intensively study different yoga styles was fascinating and enlightening. Each system has something unique to offer, whether it's the way they approach the practice or specific tools for spiritual growth, and I've had a blast incorporating different elements from the various styles into my classes. Amy Shouse I stepped in when I saw a woman getting attacked, and I'd like to think I'd protect any helpless person in grave danger. But what about times that seem less clear? I wanted to explore the idea of a right or wrong time to be our brother or sister's keeper. 8 wholelifetimesmagazine.com WLT-DEC-JAN-11-24-10pm.indd 8 11/24/13 10:34 PM

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