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OUTLOOK DO YOU There’s more to stereoscopic 3D than hyperbole. Its success at the box office is undeniable, and significant advances have been made in introducing tools for creating and posting 3D more easily and efficiently. But there are still hurdles to overcome, including the perception that 3D is more gimmick than story enhancement, the chicken-and-egg situation surrounding stereo 3D TV and its content, and unknown consumer reac- tions to donning 3D glasses to settle in for a home 3D experience on a considerably smaller scale than they’ve enjoyed in theaters. BRIAN DALY President Mob Scene Creative & Productions Beverly Hills This Black Eyed Peas I Got a Feeling shoot was sponsored by Samsung and shot by 3ality. Mob Scene edited and finished the in-store project. Mob Scene Creative & Productions is a non-divisional entertainment advertising and production company that works on theatrical trailers,TV campaigns, behind-the-scenes productions and home entertainment content for features such as Avatar, Megamind, Green Lantern and the new Born To Be Wild 3D IMAX film.The company also offers full-serv- ice 3D production and post. STRENGTHS: “Stereo 3D’s biggest strength is that it’s dominat- ing the box office. More films are being greenlit to shoot in 3D or convert to 3D, and the networks are slowly moving toward 3D broadcast. Five or six major Blu-ray 3D releases this winter should start to reinvigorate the home entertainment marketplace. “Other strengths are that the cameras are shrinking, workflows are evolving and the 3D community is working as a united front.” WEAKNESSES: “From our perspective there aren’t enough 3D marketing and advertising opportunities, which means there aren’t enough production dollars, outside feature films, going toward the creation of 3D. “Home entertainment decided to use active rather than passive polarized stereo glasses and displays which will deliver an experi- ence slightly less comfortable than a theatrical experience. Hope- fully, that won’t discourage viewers before passive home 3D be- comes available.” OPPORTUNITIES: “For us, on-set 3D behind-the-scenes and 3D value-added content is rising with more 3D films in production 26 Post • December 2010 and marketing executives realizing the need to package Blu-ray 3D bonus content.Those with the tools and the knowledge will con- tinue to be in demand as more marketing dollars and broadcast and new media platforms are developed. “There are also opportunities in establishing more refined work- flows.We continue to use a 2D/3D offline/online workflow we cre- ated utilizing Assimilate’s Scratch; Assimilate has been awesome in adding to its toolset.” THREATS: “The two biggest threats are bad conversion and the lack of 3D content. I like to see things shot in 3D.There have been examples of converting 2D productions so they appear to be 3D, and the viewer experience has been negative.That can shine a neg- ative light on all of 3D. “There’s just not enough content right now, besides motion pic- tures, that can expand into the coming 3D outlets. More content needs to be created. Because the networks aren’t there yet, we’re not seeing 3D commercials. All of this content will be required for the platform to be able to evolve.” OUTLOOK ON 2011: “Theatrical 3D is already big and will continue to grown here and overseas, but we think we’ll see a major leap for home entertainment: It will be a big boost for the industry in 2011. And there’s the potential for 3D sports and live events on the air as well, but it may take another year to start re- alizing its potential.” Believe? 3D STEREO By Christine Bunish

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