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YEAR OF THE THE TASTING PANEL has declared 2011 2011 “The Year of the Chef” During 2011, each issue of the magazine will feature a selection of the top toques across the nation and around the globe as they talk about food and its relationship with wine and spirits. v Look for interviews, recipes, tasting notes, on-premise events and behind-the-scenes photos from some of the world’s “hottest” kitchens. Bringing celebrity chefs from behind the range to the printed page, THE TASTING PANEL will be fi lled throughout 2011 with the men and women who bring food to life. v Expanding the sense of “tasting” into new dimensions, our guest chefs will bring their culi- nary palates to bear on the best new and classic wines and spirits—fi nding unexpected fl avor combinations, discovering new ways of employing your products on their menus and in their beverage programs and adding spice to ideas for promoting your brands. v Next year, THE TASTING PANEL will become a test kitchen for exploring the dynamic between food and beverages. So beware the heat as we fi re up our editorial calendar for 12 months of spirited dining and drinking! v For information on participation or on how to have your wine label or spirits brand featured with one of our celebrity chefs, contact Meridith May at 818-990-0350 or

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