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LUCAS SWALLOWS, 28 A Carnevino, Las Vegas s lead bartender for Mario Batali’s Italian steak house at the Palazzo Hotel, Swallows has become a produce forager. “I volunteer at the local farmer’s market,” he tells THE TASTING PANEL. From there, he has the inside connection to the freshest seasonal ingredients for his cocktail program. Swallows’s nose and palate go beyond and he often picks up more obscure tasting notes. “I sense chai tea nuances in HARLEM,” he reports. With that in mind, he uses Voyant Chai Cream liqueur in his recipe for the HARLEM Ginger Snap. “Shots are a celebratory thing, and mine is a quick nod to that celebration, a sudden thrill: a snapshot.” HARLEM GINGER-SNAP 1 oz. HARLEM Kruiden Liqueur ■ ■ ■ ■ ½ oz. Voyant Chai Cream Organic Saigon cinnamon and organic nutmeg Shake all ingredients with ice. Lucas Swallows. DANNA BREE MARKULIN, 30 Thunder Jackson’s, New York City hunder Jackson’s is a West Village bar where the ‘tenders encourage the shot scene. “We also encour- age dancing on the bar,” quips Danna Bree Markulin who “dabbled” in bartending until she realized it was more about destiny than being a dilettante. “We were the first bar in New York to carry HARLEM,” she says proudly. “I started experimenting with its flavor profile right away. This super liqueur reminds me of a spiced orange wedge.” T HARLEM BULL RUN ¾ oz. HARLEM Kruiden Liqueur ■ ■ ■ ■ ¾ oz. Ketel One Oranje Splash of Red Bull Shake and pour; garnish with a cinnamon-coated orange. Danna Bree Markulin. december 2010 / the tasting panel / 93

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