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wo of life’s simplest pleasures are tequila and coffee; when these two indulgences are brought together under the Patrón name, perfection is the product. A special blend of ultra-premium Patrón tequila and the natural essence of coffee, XO Café is rich, layered and indulgent. SEASONALITY: “Coffee liqueurs are generally a PATRÓN XO CAFÉ T colder-month product, but this is also a wonderful winter dessert!” —Claudia Maia PERSONALITY: “The añejo brings a bit more oaky Freelance mixologist Drew Taylor. ith TY KU’s success in the saké and liqueur categories already assured, the brand has undertaken the chal- lenge of breaking a virtually unknown category to the U.S. consumer: soju. With lower calorie-counts and greater health benefi ts than vodka, TY KU Soju has found a comfort- able home on cocktail menus nationwide. “It’s a perfect fi t in cocktails because it acts as a natural fl avor catalyst,” explains Debra Stone, SoCal Brand Development Manager at TY KU. “Soju expands whatever fl avor it is being mixed with.” Freelance mixologist Drew Taylor was new to soju when he began to work with TY KU on some cocktails, but he was a quick convert to its merits. “The lower alcohol content in soju allows me to play a little bit more with the cocktail,” he explains. “I can mix it with more spirits and put more things in the cocktail–with a lot of spirits you have to go lighter to balance things.” SEASONALITY: With a low-cal spirit and quality ingredi- ents, for Taylor, less is more. “I wanted to think a little bit more health-conscious—especially around the holidays, to combat the overindulging.” PERSONALITY: “I like the savory aspect of this drink.” —Marc Smith FUNKINALITY: Drew Taylor was the only brand rep to highlight Funkin Cherry. “I think cherry is an underused fl avor in cocktails, and here, it was a good contrast with the spiciness of the herbs.” TY KU W JAPANESE SUNSET ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 2 oz. Funkin Maraschino Cherry purée 1½ oz. TU KU Soju 1 celery stick 4 sprigs cilantro 4 basil leaves ¼ oz. lavender simple syrup Squeeze of half a lime Muddle celery, cilantro, basil, simple syrup and lime juice. Add remaining ingredients, shake and double-strain. Top with soda and sprig of celery top garnish. Patrón XO’s Blackberry Cream cocktail. THE BLACKBERRY CREAM ¾ oz. Funkin Blackberry purée ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ½ oz. heavy cream ½ oz. Patrón XO Café ½ oz. Patrón Añejo tequila Shake, strain and serve over Gläce Mariko Sphere, garnish with blackberry. december 2010 / the tasting panel / 77 fl avor, and the black coffee liqueur marries well with the raspberry. It’s like eating blackberry espresso cake.” —Boe Trumbull FUNKINALITY: Funkin Blackberry purée was a natural pair with XO Café’s dark, dreamy complexity. “The Funkin blackberry purée and coffee fl avors are incredibly complementary.” —Marc Smith PHOTO: AMY K. FELLOWS PHOTO: AMY K. FELLOWS

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