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PHOTO: RYAN LELY The Spicy Side of Love “R Angela Oswald combines sweet and spicy for a touch of romance at Hog and Rocks in San Francisco. IN LOVE—AS IN COCkTAILS—A MIX OF SWEET AND SPICE CAN GO A LONG WAY omance is something that is both spicy and sweet,” explains Angela Oswald, Bartender at San Francisco’s creative surf-and-turf spot Hog & Rocks, hailed as the place for both oysters and all things ham. Turns out that this is a philosophy that extends to mixol- ogy as well as matters of the heart, as Oswald demonstrates in her lovely libation, the Enduring Embrace. “Adding a little bit of Thai chili at the end leaves a lingering spice on the palate,” explains Oswald. “And I think that when people think of past romances, they remember bits of lingering spice and sweetness.” The perfect balance of sweet and spice in your love life may be diffi cult to achieve, but when it comes to cocktails, Chambord Flavored Vodka and spicy chilies come together in a happy marriage of fl avors to awaken the palate. “The Chambord and the spice is a surprising combination, and the raspberry and spice actually go really well together,” says Oswald; “it really opens it up.” Managing the cocktail’s sweet/spicy profi le takes skill, but with Chambord Flavored Vodka as her base spirit, Oswald found that channeling romance into a cocktail was a sweetly simple affair. “I think it is the most romantic vodka out there in every way, from the fl avor profi le to the bottle to the color,” affi rms Oswald, who has recently tasted the sweetness of romance and can attest to its real-life enduring embrace. “I’ve had a lot of romance in the past couple of months with someone I met,” says Oswald happily. “It’s a wonderful addition to my life, and I think that when learning about someone, doing sweet things for them and doing things that are thoughtful makes people feel special and sweet, and it’s wonderful how that sweetness can stay with them for the rest of their day.” ENDURING EMBRACE 1½ oz. Chambord Flavored Vodka ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ½ oz. gin 3 slivers of Thai chili ¼ oz. fresh lemon juice 1 barspoon agave nectar ½ oz. egg white Muddle Thai chili pepper, then dry shake egg white and add remaining ingredients. Shake, double strain and serve up with a lemon twist. december 2010 / the tasting panel / 75

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