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ADMIRAL NELSON A dmiral Nelson spiced rum is on fire. “We’re the number two best- selling spiced rum in the U.S.,” Andrew Pffefer of Luxco Spirited Brands tells THE TASTING PANEL. “Its growth consistently outpaces the growth of the rum category.” The Admiral must be up for a promo- tion! Imported from the Caribbean, Admiral Nelson’s Spiced blends premium gold rum is available in: Spiced (70 proof), Coconut (42 proof); Vanilla (70 proof) and Spiced 101 proof. SRP $9.99/ Spiced 101: $15.99 Our Panel Votes: “Admiral Nelson Vanilla is light, yet authentic on the nose and true to form on the palate. Admiral Nelson Coconut has a hint of lime—very pleasing—and tastes like the real deal. Admiral Nelson Spiced has no bite and the spice is delicate, with subtle pekoe tea and dry apricot charm.” (MM) “The Coconut evokes the tropics!” (JS) “For me, Admiral Nelson Spiced 101 is the best of the line-up. It’s flavorful but not overpowering.” (KH) “Admiral Spiced has layers of flavor, from tobacco, fennel and clove to nutmeg and cinnamon and a clean finish.” (FC) “The Vanilla rum has a nose that brings forward notes of marzipan, meringue, caramel and quince with back notes of pastries and cream soda. Admiral’s Spiced has spiced fruit, banana and cinnamon with a pleasant dry finish.” (AP) Luxco Spirited Brands BRUGAL S Andrew Pfeffer, West Coast Division Manager, Luxco Spirited Brands. SEVEN TIkI ince 1888, Brugal has produced rum in the Dominican Republic. The Brugal bottles are recognized by their fishnet binding, but what is in the bottle is recognized for “passion, authenticity and quality,” says Brugal brand representative Angela Urreaga. The family is still very much in charge of the operation; the Brugal Rum Masters must be family members, with the fourth and fifth generations now in place. Made from fresh-cut sugar- cane that goes into production T iki seems never to go out of fashion, and this Fijian rum is spiced just right for the exotic South Pacific role. Polynesian sugarcane, Angela Urreaga, Key Account Manager for Brugal Rum. within 48 hours, Brugal rums get a double distillation process that results in “80 percent less aggravating alcohols” and are aged in American white oak. Brugal Añejo: SRP $26.99/Brugal Extra Viejo Gran Reserva: $29.99 Our Panel Votes: “The Añejo showcases dried fruits and plums, pekoe tea and tobacco. Extra Viejo has a gorgeous auburn shade and speaks of sweet oak and espresso, dark chocolate and caramel.” (MM) “Extra Viejo palate has magnificent wood and earth tones, with some rancio and mushroom. Wow—this is exciting and beautifully complex!” (JS) “Brugal Añejo combines cocoa, wet wood, honey, dates and brown spices: vibrant and warm.” (FC) “Dark fruit and spiced apples make the Brugal Añejo intriguing. The Viejo has rich dark fruit, roasted coffee, lots of oak and subtle gamey flavors.” (AP) Shaw-Ross International Importers Pablo Moix is the Portfolio Mixologist/ Ambassador for Seven Tiki rum. spices and water drawn from deep beneath Fiji’s volcanic highlands make this 70-proof rum an exciting contender. SRP $19.99 Our Panel Votes: “Rancio (aged) expression with caramel and peppered clove. Kiwi and cinnamon French toast on the palate and root beer on the nose—what a sultry combination!” (MM) “A killer spiced rum with tons of aromatics: vanilla, orange, cinnamon, cocoa powder. Could be the foundation of a Cable Car cocktail or used in place of whiskey in a Manhattan with added Indian orange bitters.” (JS) “Vanilla, cream and supple spice round it out with headier exotics of cloves and nutmeg. A clean evolution of flavors.” (FC) Bacardi USA december 2010 / the tasting panel / 71

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