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NEW AND NOTABLE The Rulebreaker W hat goes up must come down; oil and water do not mix; alcohol doesn’t freeze. For centuries, these have been considered universal truths. Objects may still be falling from the sky and oil and water are likely still maintaining their distance, but there’s a new beverage product on the market proving, once and for all, that liquor can be included in pre-packaged frosty fun. Get to know FROSTSHOT, pre-mixed, portable, frozen alcoholic shots that are ideal for the LDA pool party crowd by day and the bumping bar scene by night. With five bright, juicy flavors to choose from, next summer is sure to be the season of the frost shot, rules be damned. —Rachel Burkons French Dragon Alert! D ragon Bleu vodka may have been available in Europe for a decade, but you’ve probably never heard of it. Well, take it from the rest of the world: You’re missing out. Incredibly popular and lauded everywhere lucky enough to grab a taste, this French-made brand has been distributed by Great Lakes Wine and Spirits in the Midwest since 2008, and is currently seeking West Coast distribution for its premium plain, Rose Blossom, White Ginger and Penja Pepper expressions. “We work with exceptional ingredients,” explains Jared Rapp, co-founder of RGI brands, which imports Dragon Bleu. “We explored some unique products, from rose otto [attar of roses] from Bulgaria and Morocco, and Asian and Jamaican ginger, and they’re all made with agave nectar, which make them healthier and more naturally sweet.” For the scoop on getting this fab Frenchie in your hands, contact Jared directly at —R. B. ou might think that cold, creamy rice-based beverage horchata is best left untampered with. But suddenly, this already-impeccable traditional quaff has reached new heights thanks to the addition of (what else?) rum, as packaged in new RumChata, a cream liqueur made with Caribbean rum, real dairy cream and additional flavors such as cinnamon. The end result is sheer sweetened smoothness, simply perfect over rocks or imbibed in an indulgent cocktail. We like the use of rum in this cordial for its exotic flare, and think it might be just the thing to spice up your holiday eggnog this year. —R. B. Rice Meets Rum Y 14 / the tasting panel / december 2010 At new Supperclub Los Angeles in downtown Hollywood, Beverage Director Josh Curtis gives THE TASTING PANEL a sneak peek at what Dragon Bleu is capable of on the West Coast, with his take on the Moscow Mule, aptly re-named the French Mule with the addition of Dragon Bleu White Ginger vodka. Supperclub, a high-end dine-then-dance restaurant- cum-nightclub, is the ideal type of account for Dragon Bleu—an upscale venue where mixologists can play with its clean, exotic flavors. PHOTO: MARIA SCHRIBER

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