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MEMBER TALK 2013 Arizona Education Budget Summary Member comments on story about the Arizona Legislature passing a fair state budget this past June MEMBER and AEA's successful lobbying to remove provision that would have permanently cut nearly $240 TALK million annually from our schools. MEMBER Way to protect students and teachers! Thank We need to thank those who added the you AEA. It seems legislators think their amendment and who voted for it. TALK Johnna Baca constituents are too stupid to notice. I think that MEMBER Phoenix Union CTA member must be how they got voted in; voters who are too stupid to notice. TALK I'm proud to belong to AEA. Thank you, Ryan Joshua Martin MEMBER Jennifer, Andrew, and the many others. Gilbert EA member Heidi Cave TALK AEA-Retired MEMBER TALK MEMBER Governor Expands Voucher Program, Costing Public Schools TALK Nearly $65 Million The story about SB1363, which would expand the state's voucher scheme and divert funds from MEMBER Arizona public schools brought a mixed reaction from members. TALK Thank you for your efforts. Very difficult to do In this sentence, you said "We must educate MEMBER battle with the powers that be. Dragons at least those who develop bad education and fiscal have mythical and mystical value, alas Brewer policy." That is why I pay my dues to this TALK has none. association. You have dropped the ball on this MEMBER Sheryl Oden huge issue. Tucson EA member Jerry Runke TALK Glendale Union EA member MEMBER TALK Three Problems in Education MEMBER students are academically immature and kicked Below is an opinion piece written by Phoenix TALK upstairs for the sake of political expediency. By Union CTA President Paul Lowes regarding the MEMBER high school and college they are in so far over state of public education today: their heads as to make lasting success virtually TALK impossible. Hopelessness too often comes first to There are, of course, more than three MEMBER freshmen, wherever they may be. Unless we start pronounced problems in public education – for remediating kids, offering more classes, more that matter, in anything of any import. Three TALK time, and stop blaming teachers automatically for problems, though, are of special concern to MEMBER the startling range of possibilities and realities in me, and increasingly on my mind of late. The first two will be easily recognized by many TALK Continued on page 31 educators, the third not so much, or so I MEMBER guess. In any case, a resolution to any or all of these three would certainly help resolve other Write us! Readers are encouraged to state opinions or make comments TALK gnawing worries in public education now. in letters that will be considered for publication in this column. The M EMBER First, as many of our teachers will realize, is editor reserves the right to edit lengthy letters representing a balance of the placement problem. We simply have too viewpoints. Generally, letters will not be published without the names TALK many children being put into more advanced of their writers and local associations. MEMBER mathematics who don't have math rudiments Send letters to: down, too many in English 3-4, or even 7-8 – TALK "Member Talk," AEA Advocate VOIC E YOU R V I E WS for high school seniors – who don't yet have the ability to recognize what the ingredients of a good topic sentence are. As we scale up the ladder, critical thinking relies more and more on age-mature minds, but alarming numbers of our Winter.13advo.indd 5 345 East Palm Lane Phoenix, AZ 85004. Email: AEA Advocate x Winter 2013/14 5 11/4/13 3:23 PM

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