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POINT OF VIEW by Andrew F. Morrill One Mission; Many Voices AEA OFFICERS Andrew F. Morrill President Joe Thomas Vice-President Nidia Lias Treasurer AEA STAFF Sheryl Mathis Executive Director Sheenae Shannon Editor AEA's mission, to keep the promise of quality public education, is borne of the belief that a quality public education is the right every child; a statement imperative and absolute. AEA members share that vision and value a membership that is equally inclusive. Do you work in and support public education? We have a membership category for you. Whether you're the bus driver who transports students safely to and from school, the cafeteria worker who ensures students receive a well-balanced meal, or the student teacher developing your professional skills, we understand and celebrate all the roles and job duties of our members and their importance in advancing our mission. AEA takes pride in all of our members and celebrates what they contribute to students, their communities, and to the Association. It was a great moment at the 2012 Delegate Assembly when AEA members recognized with a new core value our Education Support Professional members, a group of people on whom we depend every day to build and sustain great public schools. We respect our retired members, leagues of whom fought for and built the negotiated agreements whose benefits we value as employees today. Now retired from the classroom, this group continues to fight for public school employees' rights by monitoring policy changes regarding the state retirement system. They have been on point for this issue for well over a decade. And once again, we see a new generation of educators joining their teacher colleagues and entering our classrooms, schools, and Association the energetic, socially conscious, — quick to organize Millennials. These under-30s (okay, under 35?) have already served notice— speaking up at the 2013 Delegate Assembly, Penny Skubal Graphic Design Advertising The AEA Advocate is published by the Arizona Education Association, 345 East Palm Lane, Phoenix, Arizona 85004-1532. Phone: 602-264-1774 or 800-352-5411 Fax: 602-240-6887 Nancy Hall Editorial Associate E-mail: AEA's Web site may be found at -9 Winter.13advo.indd 4 Permission to reprint any material originating with this publication is granted provided that credit is given to the AEA Advocate. organizing a summer supply drive for new AEA teacher members, and stepping up to join veteran AEA members at national conferences as part of the team. As was true for many of us, these new professionals want to make their mark on the world immediately; they do not want to wait. Their spirit hearkens back to leaders from earlier AEA eras. And just as before, it is the privilege and responsibility of veteran educators and members to welcome them and provide them with opportunities to learn and grow, just as we were provided in our earlier years. Most of us can remember joining the Association and wanting to be a part of an organization of strength, professionalism, and commitment. We were welcomed into the AEA by people who commanded our respect, demonstrated fierce commitment, and shared our values. To those coming in to education and to the AEA now, you and I are the ambassadors—to their profession, their future, and to the AEA. We owe these new members—all new members—the generosity we ourselves were once shown. As the leaders of today and in service to our mission, we bear a duty to the leaders of tomorrow. Emerson once wrote, "All are needed by each one." Closer to home, NEA President, Dennis Van Roekel, often states that the highest state of existence is not independence but interdependence. We are an organization that builds on the power of many; that refuses to leave a member standing alone. Young or old, male or female, certified or classified – we build the power of AEA together. Andrew F. Morrill, President Arizona Education Association The AEA Advocate (ISSN 0194-8849) is published in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer for $3.50 per year by the Arizona Education Association, 345 East Palm Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85004-1532. Periodicals postage paid at Phoenix, Arizona. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the AEA Advocate, 345 East Palm Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85004-1532. 4 Winter 2013/14 x AEA Advocate 11/4/13 3:23 PM

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