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November 2013

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Smoke and Spice In the throes of winter, few things will make for a cozier evening than spiced flavors and smoky aromas. Here's Marketplace's picks for a few products that will warm your heart—and your palate. by Rachel Burkons Spiced Salt Sip Your Smoke With the flavored vodka category ever-evolving, it's no wonder that this innovation has made its way to market: Meet Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka, a new flavored variety that channels the spirit of cigarettes—without the nicotine and carcinogen factor. With a muddy, leathery tobacco flavor, this is one flavored vodka that will make for an easy swap in cocktails calling for brown spirits, and for the retail set, your young, curious customers will love this product on a novelty level alone. Also available in menthol, this is one product that brings new meaning to the smoke-free cigarette. Salt: Other than your high blood pressurewarning doctor, who doesn't love this magical seasoning ingredient? The only thing making salt even sexier is a little bit of heat, thanks to La Femme Nahia Fleur de Sel with Espelette Pepper, which ramps up the elegance of premium salt with a kiss of heat from espelette pepper, a slightly bittersweet medium-heat pepper. This seasoning jar, perfect for rubs on meat or fish, offers endless flavoring opportunities that your gourmet-loving customers will love, and the complete La Femme Nahia line also features plenty of salt-free options that will even make your doctor happy. 84  /  the tasting panel  /  november 2013 TP1113_066-107.indd 84 10/24/13 9:24 AM

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