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Absinthe is Back Absinthe is sexy, whimsical and dark with touches of mystery and magic. ABSINTHE IS BACK ORIGINAL RECIPE WITH PERNOD ABSINTHE SUPÉRIEURE Artemisa Absinthium (Wormwood) from Pontarlier Approx 10% Pimpinella Anisum (Anise seed) from Spain Approx 90% Proprietary blend of herbs and spices including Melissa, Hyssop and Pontique Wormwood. Nettles (for color) Wor wood Wormwood Anise seed Melissa Hyssop Star Anise Wormwood distillate Languedoc Grape Star Anise and Fennel rectified (steam distilled) All ingredients are blended, water is added to lower ABV to 68% and then the final product is filtered and bottled. 96% ABV neutral wine spirit sourced from Languedoc Mascerated at least 12 hours Blended with water from Thuir's natural source, an aquifer 150 meters below the ground Ap pr ox 20 % Mascerated for 10 days Distilled in a copper still. Then the heart cut is removed for further treatment Approx 80% Wormwood distillate held in tank Histor ry new distille ic Ad Please enjoy Pernod responsibly. PERNOD® Aux Plantes D'Absinthe Supérieure. 68% Alc./Vol. (136 Proof) ©2013 Imported by Pernod Ricard USA, Purchase, NY Based on the original formula from 1805, Pernod Absinthe uses a grape neutral spirit base, resulting in floral notes on the nose and delicate herbal aromatics of anise, vanilla and hyssop. The authentic wormwood is sourced from Pontarlier, France. TP1113_066-107.indd 83 The Green Beast ]oz. Pernod Absinthe 1 ]oz. Simple syrup 1 ]oz. Fresh lime juice 1 ]oz. Water 4 ] sliced cucumThinly ber wheels Build in a Collins glass or a punch bowl over ice. Garnish with cucumber slices. 10/24/13 9:24 AM

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