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November 2013

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TP1113_066-107.indd 101 10/24/13 9:25 AM 10 9 8 7 6 5 COSTAS MOUZOURAS I like the complexity in the aromas—it goes to woody to vanilla to floral to spice. There's so much going on in the glass and that what you're looking for at the end of the day. " GOTHAM WINES & LIQUORS PETER STILOS "[It's] a modern day genie in a bottle. Once opened, all the  wishes of  a perfectly balanced, smooth and delicious whiskey come true. " GRACE WINE & SPIRITS J.C. PARRA "It doesn't have quite the name yet, but that's what we enjoyed about it—it's part of the craft movement. I like that it's an Alabama recipe and something that doesn't have a lot of hype behind it—that's what really turned us on. " "A lot of our customers want to stay ahead of the curve. I love watching their faces when they discover it. It's nice to be the store that can offer that. " NINTH AVENUE VINTNER LARRY DUKE "It's full-bodied with a unique flavor because they age it with apples, and at the price point, it's a bargain. It's gone over well with customers. It beats a lot of the things out there. " SCHUMERS NINA HEGEL "It's really unique – almost a dessert-like bourbon. It's a wonderful bourbon for people who are new to whisky because it has all the balance and sweetness from the oak but enough spice to give it character. " WINFIELD-FLYNN WINE & SPIRITS FERMIN SALAS "We really like it. We have a lot of brands but this is something different. It's new for us and we already put the bottles in the customer's hands. " 17 16 15 13 14 CHUCK BELTRAN "There's definitely interest in it, and it has a following among whiskey drinkers who are knowledgeable about small batch. " TRIBECA WINES & SPIRITS Along with sister store, Bee Liquors, Village Wine & Spirits is the No. 1 seller of Clyde's in Manhattan, with each store selling through a case per week. VILLAGE WINE & SPIRITS JONATHAN GOLDSTEIN "Our reps try to be on the lookout for things that are hard to get and that are new in our market, and when they presented this, we jumped on it. " PARK AVE LIQUOR SHOP PAUL BRESSLER "It's definitely for the bourbon drinker. It's not sweeter or softer—that's the 'introduction to whiskey' version of things. This is the thing for after-dinner because of the spiciness. " 67 WINE The report from the sales floor is that bourbon-drinkers who switch are "really satisfied with the flavor. " BEE LIQUORS "The flavor profile is certainly different than the normal. We have a pretty dedicated following of people looking for things that are not run of the mill, it's a good value—that's the other thing attractive to people. " 4 9 14 8 17 16 7 15 6 12 2 5 13

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