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editor's note Film, Sound & More… I By MARC LOFTUS Senior Editor/ Director of Web Content was lucky enough to attend the premier of Warner Bros.' Gravity last month. The outer-space feature starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as Space Shuttle astronauts, who get stranded during a mission, was presented in both Stereo 3D and with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Atmos is a relatively new cinema sound platform (Brave was the first Atmos release) that allows for incrediblyaccurate panning of sound elements. The format employs up to 64 speakers, including numerous overhead. In the case of Gravity, the mixers at Warner Bros. were able to place sounds inside and outside the characters' spacesuits, as well as around them and the shuttle. The sound, paired with 3D effects, created a very believable feeling of weightlessness in outer space. This month, Jennifer Walden looks at a number of recent films that have used new sound formats to help tell their story and further immerse the audience in the theatrical experience. Turn to page 24 for our "Audio for Films" feature. Also on the film front, Iain Blair caught up with Ron Howard to discuss work on the director's latest feature, Rush. The Universal film centers around a mid-'70s chase for the Formula 1 title and repre- sents Howard's first "all-digital" film. He shot on Arri's Alexa and captured a ton of footage, which made the edit a challenge. Turn to page 10 to read all of Howard's thoughts on the production and post process. In a bonus "Director's Chair" this month, I talked with writer, director, actor and musician Billy Bob Thornton, who recently completed work on Jayne Mansfield's Car, an Anchor Bay Films feature set in the south, back in 1969. Thornton worked both sides of the camera for this project, and details his affinity for film, as well as the edit process, which took place at his home in Los Angeles. Our conversation can be found on page 12. But it's not all about film in this issue. Christine Bunish looks at "VFX for Commercials" (page 20), including MPC's work on a new Kia spot that introduces some very sharp-looking hamsters, as seen on our cover. She also took some time to dive into the world of primetime post, catching up with the pros that work on television shows such as The Good Wife, Longmire, Modern Family and Banshee, among others. Our "Posting TV Series" feature can be found on page 16. And there is news, product announcements and recent work highlighted throughout the issue. Enjoy! EDITORIAL Marc Loftus Senior Editor/Director of Web Content (516) 376-1087 Christine Bunish Film& Video JENNIFER WALDEN Audio DanIEL Restuccio West Coast Bureau BARRY GOCH West Coast Blogger/Reporter IAIN BLAIR Film Michael Viggiano Art Director A DV E RT I S I N G Mari Kohn Director of Sales (818) 291-1153 cell: (818) 472-1491 Gary Rhodes Eastern & Intl Sales Manager (631) 274-9530 cell (516)410-8638 Lisa Black Corporate Sales Executive, Events, Custom and Integrated Print/Publishing Services (818) 660-5828 SUBSCRIPTIONS (818) 291-1158 Customer Service 620 West Elk Ave, Glendale, CA 91204 (800) 280 6446 MIKE TABIZON Account Manager (818) 291-1180 REPRINTS Reprints (781) 255-0625 • (818) 291-1153 LA SALES office: 620 West Elk Avenue, Glendale, California 91204 (800) 280-6446 William R. Rittwage President / CEO See us on Post Magazine is published by Post, LLC, a COP communications company. Post does not verify any claims or other information appearing in any of the advertisements contained in the publication, and cannot take any responsibility for any losses or other damages incurred by readers in reliance on such content. Post cannot be held responsible for the safekeeping or return of unsolicited articles, manuscripts, photographs, illustrations or other materials. Subscriptions: Address all subscription correspondence to Post Magazine, 620 West Elk Ave, Glendale, CA 91204. Subscribers may also contact customer service at 818-291-1158, or send an email to  For change of address please include the old and new address information, and if possible, include an address label from a recent issue. Subscriptions are available free to qualified individuals within the United States. Non-qualified 1 year rates: USA $63.00. Canada & Mexico $94.00. All Other Countries $133.00. Airmail Delivery is available for an additional $75.00 annually. Postmaster: Send address changes to Post Magazine, P.O. Box 3551, Northbrook, IL 60065-3551. Please send customer service inquiries to 620 W. Elk Ave., Glendale, CA 91204 2 Post • October 2013

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