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Burak Canpolat Some artists spend years of formal training and education before fi nding success at their craft, while others follow a different course and learn their skills through self-instruction. The journeys may differ, but what matters is the end result. Burak Canpolat is a print and multimedia designer whose pathway to success falls into the second category of self-taught professional. “I am a hard worker and always spent my time experimenting, trying to push myself to become a better designer by matching movies, reading books and magazines, scouring the Internet, and learning new styles and techniques,” Canpolat says. According to the artist, a number of things have helped shape the path of his career thus far. Born in Olten, Switzerland, Canpolat attended university in Instanbul, Turkey, with a focus on business studies. He began working on personal projects in 2005. “I found it very enjoyable, and I discovered that I love to play with ideas,” the designer says. As a multimedia designer, he is able to create new project ideas and tailor-make design solutions for online advertising campaigns. In fact, he has worked in digital advertising since 2007, with some well-known digital advertising agencies as clients, including OgivlyOne, WandaDigital, and Trafo. For the most part, Canpolat’s style entails photo manipulation, collage, and illus- tration. To this end, he typically uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator running on a Mac (with Intel Core 2). “I like to play with shapes, textures, colors, brushes, and stock photography,” he says of his artwork. What does Canpolat hope to be doing in the future? “I would like to do political and non-government organizational art in a few years,” he adds. But for now he is doing what he does well: working as an art director for a digital agency. “I am addicted to digital art,” Canpolat says. —Karen Moltenbrey 34 November 2010

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