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RESEARCH 1 PAGE Take Note Know&Tell Quotes & Numbers W E C O M B T H E M E D I A D A I LY for the best quotes and statistics about public education. If you discover a quote or stat you think we should highlight, send it along with your name to "The Los Angeles Unified School District did the right thing by setting some new requirements for parent trigger petitions for school reform. But the small changes a local district can make don't go nearly far enough to amend a sloppily written and poorly implemented state law." —From the Sept. 20 Los Angeles Times editorial calling on the Legislature and State Board of Education to fix the flawed, unfair parent trigger law. 35.9% "After 33 years, I am still excited about going to school every day. I enjoy Percentage of unionized public sector watching the light bulbs go workers nationwide, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. on when students get it, and the personal connections I can make with them. The main goals I set for all my students are to become the best people they possibly can, show integrity and empathy toward others, and to lead a healthy and active life." — arbara J. Kaufman, PE teacher and Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District Teachers Association member, B one of 36 Santa Clara County Teachers of the Year for 2013. 16.1 MILLION Number of U.S. children living in poverty in 2012, which represents nearly 22 percent of all Americans under age 18, according to latest Census Bureau data. Total Americans living in poverty: 46.5 million.  "As a member of the California Teachers Association, founded in 1863, I know the teachers who came before me made a difference for every child at every level of California's public schools and colleges." — racy Jimenez-Bedolla, a sixth-grade teacher at Sunnyslope Elementary in Hollister, speaking in a CTA T radio ad launched on 89 stations in September.  " We have many schools, districts, and some counties in California that have no teacher librarians at a time in education history when our kids, our state, and our country desperately need them. Their expertise is crucial to the transformative implementation of both 21st century skills and Common Core State Standards." —Glen Warren, a certified teacher librarian and Orange Unified Education Association member, in a Sept. 30 news story about the California credentialed school librarian shortage affecting Common Core implementation. 20 Educator 10 Oct 2013 v2.1 int.indd 20 $877 vs. $663 The weekly median earnings of U.S. union women employees versus nonunion women, based on AFL-CIO research. $12.3 million The average total compensation in 2012 for CEOs of the companies in the S&P 500 Index. That is 354 times the average wages of rank-and-file workers in 2012, according to AFL-CIO research. O C T O B E R 2013 10/7/13 9:38 PM

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