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Spooks and Sweets This October, Marketplace is sure you're stocking and selling products whose ghoulish connections are perfect for the most spooktacular holiday around–Halloween! But Marketplace believes in products that have staying power to remain on shelves all year-round, long after the orange and black have been replaced by red and green, so we're here to bring you some of our seasonal favorites that weigh in at "just right" on our creep-o-meter. by Rachel Burkons Booze Birds While owls have a reputation as wise, stoic and watchful creatures, I think we can all agree that few things are creepier than the solitary midnight hooting of a bird with razorsharp talons and a sharp beak that appears suddenly out of the darkness. While that gets our Halloween brain going, Owl's Brew is a year-round treat for cocktailians. Fresh brewed from real spices teas and herbs, Owl's Brew is an all-natural cocktail builder specifically designed to be mixed with spirits. Sweetened with agave and available in a variety of tea-based flavors, the brew is recommended for use in a 3:1 tea-to-spirit ratio. Owl's Brew's lightly sweet, slightly fruity tea flavor is a natural flavor blender, and we loved mixing the Pink and Black brew (made with Darjeeling and hibiscus) with bourbon for a Southern sweet-tea style sipper. As the tea cocktail category continues to boom, we see big things in the future for this bird. Devil to Go We're not sure if the shadowy figure on the front of the One Glass Sangria pouch is Satan himself or some other sort of demon, but we do know this is one product so compact that it will fit in our purses just perfectly, giving us a devilish drink we can take with us anywhere. Made in Italy and definitely not evil, the juice itself is fruity and fresh, with ripe Mediterranean fruit flavors. But the real appeal is the product's unique and superslim pouch package, which compactly holds one single 100 ml. serving and is ideal for the devilish outdoorsman in all of us: 100% recyclable and biodegradable, each lightweight pouch is perfectly portable and environmentally responsible. 138  /  the tasting panel  /  october 2013 TP1013_104-152.indd 138 9/23/13 10:36 PM

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