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October/November 2013

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our in box LETTERS Judith Stock Pounding the Drum for KD Thxs for the piece on KD ("Krishna Das, How He Really Is," August/September 2013)... I'm one of his biggest fans. (I also played drums with him several times recently.) —John Densmore Doors drummer Fortune Favors the Bold I look forward to each edition of WLT and as a former owner of an advertising agency, I must congratulate you on the new format and some of the bold articles in recent issues. [I know that] ads allow you to provide the publication free to us readers who appreciate your offering. It's called money, and that's what the advertisers provide to make this all possible. So be bold and publish ads and articles for us who appreciate you. If you publish, we will read it! —Maku Cuizon, Thousand Oaks Healed by Music "The Transformational Power of Music" (August/September 2013) certainly resonated with me. As the mother of a son with autism, I have seen firsthand how the power of music can produce a calming and joyous effect on individuals with sensory issues. As a young adult, my son, who is now in a day program and lives in a group home, relies on music in his daily life. His program uses music therapy to enhance social interaction among peers [and promote] relaxation and sensory integration. Thank you for including Shari Cohen's article in the current edition of your wonderful magazine. I always look forward to these interesting and relevant stories. —Jill Kivo, Hamel, Minn. As a special education paraprofessional who works with special needs children, specifically first and second grade children with autism and Asperger's Syndrome, I know firsthand how powerful a tool music is in reaching children who might not be able to respond to other forms of teaching. Music reaches them in a way that nothing else can. Thank you so much. —Caryn Goldberg, via email "The Transformational Power of Music" touched a chord in me. All my life music was what I needed when depressed, lonely or just feeling sorry for myself. The magnificent people who practice music therapy should be known and should train others to bring this treasure to sick children and adults. Hopefully through this story other healings with music's miracle will be possible. —ilonas@scotts.net Want to Volunteer? Children's Music Fund: info@CMF.org Music Therapy Wellness Clinic at CSUN: csunmtwc@csun.edu Cedars Sinai Medical Center Music for Healing: 310.423.8044 8 contributors wholelifetimesmagazine.com My Los Angeles home has potted plants on the patio, fruit trees in the backyard, and bromeliads and ferns nesting in various locations throughout the garden. After writing about community gardens, I'm thinking about taking my green thumb to a place where I can share it. Lindsay Rubin After transitioning from a traditional American diet to a healthy, compassionate, plant-based lifestyle, I began the search for similar options for my animal companion. I discovered that thousands of dogs are thriving on the vegan diet, so I dug deeper into the pros and cons of the diet, gathering facts and expert advice to create this story. Lisa Donato Whether it's yo-yo dieting or hating myself, I've spent decades living within extreme behaviors. After relocating to L.A. in pursuit of a dream, the pressure to be thin brought an unexpected result: relief. A controversial cleanse helped me overcome a lifetime of debilitating depression, and once my gut was toxin-free, I realized the profound correlation between foods and moods. Marcy Graham A lifelong student of metaphysics and the arcane, I had a three-decade working career in gardening and aquaculture. Combining these threads and building on my connection with nature and cultivation, I dove into this exploration of theosophy, which challenged and satisfied my seeker's soul and made an initiate of me.

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