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art & soul BOOKS Amy Iverson Adams A Bellyful of Bliss Freedom from Compulsive Eating is Just the Beginning T he torment of food addiction can be difficult to understand. It's a true compulsion, just as destructive as alcohol or drugs. Amy Iverson Adams describes her suffering in such excruciating detail that it's impossible not to feel compassion. She journals every aspect of her difficult path back to health, or as she describes it, her "path to freedom." But unlike the proverbial onion that gets peeled in layers down to … more onion, Adams likens her path to peeling an artichoke and getting to the heart. Along the way, Adams tarries in another heart, that of darkness, where she is often overwhelmed by fear of being hungry. She eats until she's bloated, but terror pushes her to continue eating. Realizing that her food obsession is destroying her life, she begins to take the necessary steps to heal, ultimately taking control of her eating and her life (as much as any of us are) and co-creating a beautiful family. This is not an easy read, because it's not an easy path. But Adams' courageous book is highly recommended for anyone longing to get control over binge eating. All those crazy thoughts you have? You're not the only one. And thanks to the precise tools Adams shares, you'll be well on your way to filling your own belly with bliss as you join her in recovery. (www.amyiversonadams.com or Amazon/B&N.) —Abigail Lewis Dr. Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life S olomon Speaks consists almost entirely of brief transmissions from Solomon—an "extra-dimensional" intelligence channeled through Frederick Ponzlov, a chiropractic patient of Reconnective Healing founder Eric Pearl—addressed primarily to healers, but truly to all conscious beings. The transmitted information brought Dr. Pearl new insights into the source of healing 30 wholelifetimesmagazine.com and contributed to his one-cause theory that "the degree to which we fall away from perfect health is the degree to which we've temporarily forgotten that we are the light." This book further develops and embellishes concepts from Pearl's earlier work, The Reconnection. Solomon refers to himself as "a product of the agreement of energies," a conduit or chain "leading to the center." The light source that brings healing resides within each of us, Solomon tells us; consequently we are all healers, and in healing we are healed. The light healing he references operates holistically from the primal energetic and material nature we all share— that which is—simultaneously efficacious on physical maladies, psychological complexes, spiritual development and planetary evolution, as well as mundane personal issues. He speaks as much to who we are and where we come from, as to how to correct and reconnect. Solomon adamantly persists with the conviction that this simple truth resides in us all as our birthright, though our dogmas and karma, education, avocations and activism tend to obfuscate and distract from this fundamental reconnection with our essential being. Convincing and somewhat repetitive, he drives this teaching home with practicality, perspective and slight oddness of vocabulary, cadence and tenor of speech— clearly speaking a "non-native" language. Fortunately for the rest of us, Dr. Pearl is quite fluent in both English and the language of healing. (Hay House) —Mac Graham MAKE LOVE WITH FOOD: AlfonsoBirthright to be Thin contains It's Your De Rose a message that has helped thousands of people to release weight while eating the most pleasurable food. Make Love with Food and Lose Weight • Diets say eat 6 times a day • Make Love With Food says eat when you are hungry • Diets say don't eat carbohydrates • Make Love With Food say eat what you want and do not suppress yourself. It's Your Birthright to Be Thin A uthor Alfonso De Rose writes, "I don't deny my body anything as long as it is pleasurable and healthy." This yet, this man is over 70% Andproven system hastrim and in perfect health. A former success rate and the weight heavyweight term. stays off long champion, De Rose shares with us his streamlined path to "the total weight solution." His ideas www.alfonsoderose.com are practical and specific, and don't even think the word Order cause it's not part of "diet"book and receive $100 offthe plan. From the Divine Thinner Journey 3 Day seminar. Melody to thein Palm Desert October 18-20 Guru's Wisdom, De Rose takes the reader through 24-26, 2014 in Los Angeles weight loss, without ever January seven essential truths of counting a calorie. Learn how to differentiate on the taste ALfonso De Rose is a former bodybuilding champion "skinny scale and the hunger scale and you'll be in your who was enslaved with the depravation diet lifestyle. He has jeans" by the people change their addictive relationship helped many holidays. (Verona) —AL with food and release body weight. Focus on the PLEASURE of eating.

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