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October/November 2013

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SEX TALK SAVOR THE SEXUAL BUFFET By Wendy Strgar The power of sensory sensitivity in intimacy "This very body that we have, that's sitting right here, right now… with its aches and its pleasure is exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake and fully alive." —Pema Chodron I n our culture, our diet often suffers from the overwhelming demands of time constraints; we grab food on the run and call it a meal. Even when we expend the effort to prepare a meal at home, we're likely to eat it in front of a screen, quickly and mindlessly. Taking the time and attention to smell and taste our food, notice how it feels in our teeth and in our bodies, is a luxury many of us don't know we are missing. In many ways our sexual life gets the same sad treatment. We take the sensuous part of our humanity for granted, forgetting the power of our senses in our rush to a climax. When we use our senses fully, allowing heart and higher mind to bask in the wonder and mystery of our human body, sex is a sensory feast. Just imagine, for a moment, losing any one of your five senses—that you might never again smell the sweet freshness of early morning, savor a juicy orange on your tongue or feel naked skin against your own. This is where the privilege of living inside a body becomes so tender, when we realize how fleeting and perfect so many small, visceral moments really are. Even the subtle color shift of trees on their way to dormancy is a gift to notice. Imagine a day without color and then look around. Scent, too, plays a powerful role in awakening memory, sexuality and emotions. Learning to pay attention to scent and the associated tastes is a part of sensory vocabulary. It is well documented that people who suffer from anosmia (loss of sense of smell) suffer a significant drop not only in their ability to taste, but also in their capacity to emote. Taking the time to savor our senses makes life rich. Nowhere is that more true than in our intimate lives. Thinking about your sex life as a gourmet meal both takes the pressure off any preconceived ideas of the main event and opens a gateway to the wonders of what it means to be a sexual being. continued on page 16 Ancient Yogic Remedy for Deeper Relaxation and Meditation "This mat is like having a relaxing spa treatment at your fingertips all the time." Brookelin Gottlieb • City Yoga Manager, Hollywood BED OF NAILS™ at home acupressure mat triggers your body's innate healing by releasing Oxytocin and Endorphins to naturally relieve pain, enhance relaxation, increase energy and induce a state of well being. A Healing Holiday Gift • Perfect for Everyone! ORDER NOW FOR FREE SHIPPING! www.bedofnails.org • Coupon code: WHOLELIFE october /november 2013 15

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