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Maxon Rolls Out Cinema 4D 12 Maxon has introduced Release 12 of its Cinema 4D software for 3D content creation. The release contains a number of new features, including a rigid-body dynamics system based on the Bullet engine; enhanced rendering features, such as a new Picture Viewer with full-screen playback, a histogram display, and navigator; an IK system with dynamics properties; deformers; and extensive support for the Python language, OpenGL3, and new architectural shaders, along with a parametric spline L-system. The release comes in several editions. Cinema 4D Prime ($995) is a core professional 3D graph- ics package that includes all the basic model- ing, animation, and rendering functionality. Release 12 now includes ambient occlusion and many deformers formerly found in the MOCCA and MoGraph modules. Cinema 4D Broadcast ($1695) builds on Prime and offers features and tool sets tuned for broadcast design professionals. This edition includes functionality previously included in MoGraph module, as well as GI rendering and an extensive library of objects, materials, and presets. Cinema 4D Visualize ($2295) is a professional solution for architects and designers. This version includes all the functionality of the previous Architecture and Engineering Editions, such as Advanced Render, Sketch and Toon, the Net Render 3 module, plus extensive object and material libraries AMD Fires Off ATI F irePro V9800 PRODUCT: MODELING•ANIMATION At IBC 2010 last month, AMD launched the ATI FirePro V9800, the new fl agship model of its workstation-class professional graphics cards and the fi rst to support as many as six displays from a single graphics card for creating HD video walls or giant extended desktops. The card reduces the need for investment per monitor, and tackles the cost and complexity barriers of immersive visualization, such as for stereo 3D applications. The ATI FirePro V9800 uses ATI’s Eyefi nity technology to support a maximum of six simultane- ous displays, and accelerates complex 3D models at a resolution of 7680x3200—the equivalent of 24.6 megapixels. With AMD’s optional S400 synchronization module, multiple workstations can be connected together to sync images for very high resolution video walls or immersive stereo 3D environ- ments. The card also helps reduce the need for investment in new technology by supporting legacy monitors from 800x600 to 2560x1600 and 15-inch CRTs. The V9800 costs $3499. PRODUCT: GRAPHICS CARD October 2010 3 for these professionals. Cinema 4D Studio ($3695) is the most comprehensive edition and includes everything from the Broad- cast and Visualize editions. BodyPaint 3D Release 12 ($995) benefi ts from all the new developments of its sister application, Cinema 4D Prime, offer- ing a full complement of 3D painting and texturing tools. New features in Release 12 of this product include color profi les, the option to render ambient occlusion into a texture, and the Cineman connection to RenderMan, including preview renders directly inside BodyPaint 3D. The software also boasts updat- ed exchanges with Autodesk’s 3ds Max, Maya, and Softimage, and NewTek’s LightWave 3D.

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