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August/September 2010 • Vol. 33 • Number 8/9 I n n o v a t i o n s i n v i s u a l c omp u t i n g f o r D C C p r o f e s s i o n a l s 10 Features In Your Dreams 10 Helping director Chris Nolan achieve his unique vision for the fi lm Inception By Barbara Robertson was VFX facility Double Negative, which, among other things, turned the actors’ world upside down. COVER STORY 18 34 Departments Editor’s Note SIGGRAPH Sideshow 2As expected, there were numerous new product debuts at the annual SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition. There were also some unexpected highlights from the show fl oor. Which products were most impressive? Look on page 3 to see CGW’s Best-of-Show selections. Spotlight 4 6.1, Rotation 6.1. News The workstation market’s road to recovery. More growth expected in the CG market. mode. Products Luxion’s KeyShot 2. Dell’s portfolio update. Review 46 Adobe Creative Suite 5. x Back Products 48 Recent software and hardware releases from SIGGRAPH 2010. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x Enhanced Content Get more from CGW. We have enhanced our magazine content with related stories and videos online at Just click on the cover of the issue (found on the left side of the Web page), and you will fi nd links to these online extras. ON THE COVER Character is extremely important in the just-released computer game Mafi a II from 2K Games. As such, the artists honed their skills to create an amazing-looking cast and bring the story to life. See pg. 18. August/September 2010 1 Eyeon’s Fusion CAD industry in slow-recovery 26 42 Character Traits 18 The digital stars of today’s popular interactive titles are growing more By John Gaudiosi sophisticated and complex. Meet some of these characters, and learn how their creators brought them to life. Rivet-ing 26 Filmmaker/CG artist Sam Chen spent four years trekking through a digital rain forest to create his short “Amazonia,” made entirely on mobile PCs. By Karen Moltenbrey You Are the One Slow-Going 34 Pixar’s “Day&Night” features CG scenes placed inside the short fi lm’s two main characters, which are 2D. By Barbara Robertson 40 The CAD market is still feeling the effects of the recession, but growth is on the horizon. By Kathleen Maher A Partial Rebound 42 Hiring in the fi lm and games industries continues, offering a bright spot for recent grads as well as seasoned professionals. By Jennifer Austin SEE IT IN • Director Rob Reiner discusses Flipped. • VFX supes on this summer’s fi lms. • Special DI section. • ABC’s The Gates is all-digital from start to fi nish.

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