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WHAT’S NEXT Mixing Up J by Emily Steers ust one year ago, Funkin—the English com- pany dedicated to 100-percent natural and easy-to-use fresh-fruit purées—released its 10 Second Cocktail Mixers. Encapsulated in eye- catching silver foil pouchettes, fresh fruit purées and cocktail ingredients blend easily to create classically-styled drinks—simply by adding a spirit, ice and a stir. Not surprisingly, the invention has become a smash hit with quality-focused bartenders and at-home mixologists wherever the products have hit shelves. “All the other mixers out today contain high fructose corn syrup, are over- colored, over-seasoned,” says Funkin creator Alex Carlton. “These are quality mixers, with all-natural ingredients.” Adding to the products’ user-friendly vibe, each pack also suggests a “best served with” spirit category. Currently, the Bellini, Piña Colada, Classic and Raspberry Mojitos, Cosmopolitan and Appletini Mixers are coveted by bartenders in high-end hospitality venues such the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, as well as at Hyatt Place hotels and properties owned by the Los Angeles–based SBE group, including the recently-opened Redbury in Hollywood. Major travel carriers such as United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic are also sky high for Funkin the Cocktail Scene FUNKIN 10 SECOND COCKTAIL MIXERS BLEND QUALITY WITH CONVENIENCE convenience, and Funkin may also be arriving soon on Virgin America. The thumbs-up from tastemaker tycoon Richard Branson is certainly a boon for the brand, but real-life bar applica- tion is the goal for these time-saving, single- serving packets. “Many Hyatt Place hotels just launched a new program using Funkin Mixers,” says Matthew Pilarski, Corporate Food and Beverage Director for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. “The Funkin Mixers match the high quality that we offer our guests and provide our Gallery Hosts the ability to serve a variety of creative, fresh cocktails in a matter of seconds.” In the U.K. and across Europe, Funkin 10 Second Cocktail Mixers are carried in retail loca- tions that span economic boundaries, from top- end shops to mainstream purveyors, and even to, as Carlton deftly phrases it, “the U.K. version of Walmart.” Across the pond, Funkin can be found in all major grocers, as well as in luxury depart- ment stores like Harrods and Selfridges. Stateside, demand for Funkin is increasing by the hour, both on-premise and off. For informa- tion on this wildfi re brand’s ever-growing U.S. presence—and to stock up for the inevitable demand for these fresh-fruit products—head over to october 2010 / the tasting panel / 81

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