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BENT ON MIXOLOGY AgingGracefully SWS MIXOLOGIST ARTURO SIGHINOLFI— AND SOME OF THE WORLD’S TOP RUM EXPERTS—TOUT THE INNER BEAUTY OF AGED RUMS or years, white rum has been used like vodka—as a blank canvas for cocktails due to its relatively neutral flavor. Aged rum, however, has a much more nuanced taste profile. Long aging in used wood, especially used bourbon barrels, imparts wonderful flavor. These flavors are useful for mixologists from both the classic and creative camps. Try mak- ing an Old Fashioned with a 21-year aged Panamanian rum with a splash of orange bitters. Or an 18-year-old year old Nicaraguan sipping rum with Aperol, cucumber and dill. In last month’s issue of THE F TASTING PANEL, my colleague David Nepove wrote about the usefulness of modifiers. In some old rum, the vanilla, caramel and muted sweetness almost acts as a built-in modifier. The congeners, or impurities of the original distilled spirit, react with the used charred barrels to produce the unique individual flavors. Michael Parish (left), Bar Manager of Prime Italian in South Beach with SWS Mixologist Arturo Sighinolfi. 78 / the tasting panel / october 2010 PHOTO: TOM CLARK

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