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SPEED TASTING SKYY I n 1982, Maurice Kanbar was determined to make the best vodka on the market. While Maurice no longer owns the brand, Skyy—a quadruple-distilled, triple-filtered vodka—stole the bar scene for decades, standing out for its quality, value and that recognizable deep- blue bottle. Known as the “non-hangover” vodka, Skyy has experienced double growth every single year. Made from winter amber wheat and Sierra spring water, this is a leading USA-made premium spirit. Skyy Infusions, the brand’s line-up of flavors, was launched three years ago and became an instant hit (Skyy Pineapple is one of our favorites). The panel was also tasted on the newest flavor: Skyy Infusions Ginger. The infusions contain no additives, are 70 proof and 100% natural. SRP $17; Skyy Spirits LLC Our Panel Votes: Skyy (original) is clean and sleek; Skyy Ginger has exotic hints of cinnamon and orange. (MM) Incredible quality-to-price-ratio; Skyy (original) has an elegant nose and no Karen Uppal of Skyy Spirits. lear, pristine Canadian Rocky Mountain water is one of the key ingredients playing a role in five-times-distilled, six-times-filtered Pearl vodka. Hand-selected soft winter wheat from Canada is the foundation for this spirit, which is crafted in micro-batches. We were also introduced to Pearl Pomegranate—the brand is the first on the market with this now popular flavor—and Pearl Plum, the newest flavor in the Pearl line-up. PEARL C SRP $10–$12; Luxco Spirited Brands Our Panel Votes: Pearl (original) showcases a unique vanilla-marshmallow entry—soft and billowy in texture; Pearl Pomegranate is the real deal, pungent and authentic-tasting. (MM) Pearl (original) is buttery- creamy in texture with lovely vanilla notes; Pearl Plum is great—what a unique idea! (BL) Pearl (original) is smooth and sweet; lush-textured with a soft vanilla nuance; Pearl Pomegranate is perfumed with tart, juicy aromatics; Pearl Plum is creamy, with ripe, luscious plum notes. (ADB) The Pearl (original) nose is clean with savory spice and vanilla; Pearl Pomegranate offers a gumdrop, vanilla and cola nuance with pomegranate and soft tropical qualities peeking through. (DO-G) Pearl (original) is buttery-smooth with a hint of pepper; Pearl Plum is alive with vanilla, butterscotch and subtle plum tones. (AD) 76 / the tasting panel / october 2010 heat; Ginger offers so many cocktail possibilities. (BL) Skyy (original) is smooth, racy and dry with heightened vanilla notes; long finish; Skyy Ginger is sweet and spicy with a ginger-ale quality. (ADB) Skyy (original) is super clean on the nose with a touch of pepper; the medium-bodied texture and slightly fruity notes and a pepper back is pleasant; Skyy Ginger has a long list of flavors from cinnamon to citrus, candied orange, vanilla and ginger spice. (DO-G) I like the softness and subtly of the fresh ginger nose and taste; there is a sweet vanilla finish. (AD) Pat Bailey shows off Pearl Pomegranate, Pearl Original and Pearl Plum vodkas.

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